Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Here is the latest email from Robinson. Sorry I have been a little delinquent on posting, the last few days have been a blur of many challenges. Getting information turned a little difficult as Robinson's duties have increased. But we are getting back on track. This email brings in more perspective about the providence of God. Those first few days following the earthquake when I couldn't reach Rob were a little nerve racking, and then comes this story. We lost Ynives and Sarabeth, but God spared Robinson. Here is his email.

Dear Brothers &Sisters
We are pleased to write you these few lines with the hope that you are prospering in every way by the grace of God. I had a plan to go to Port-Au-Prince to get a new Passport the week of the earthquake(actually on January 12) as my previous one had expired, but I finally changed my mind and postponed my trip until the next week. That change in my plan turned out to be one the reason I escaped the tragedy. The tension related to the earthquake has gone down but the aid distribution isn't really done yet in the provinces. It is happening in Port-Au-Prince to some extent. The thing is the people in Saint-Marc are in fact the ones helping the victims along with Youth With A Mission. A plan to set up tents expected by February 10, 2010 in a Camp setting is underway. From time to time I am called to go help people with transportation problems in trying to get to the hospital. At time also other people need to relocate in Saint-Marc and have need for transportation to do the moving. So I help them with that, using my car. A lot of the victims have become Christians and are asking for Bibles. We've had a lot of touching testimonies in our services. We thank you for your financial and spiritual support in behalf of the victims. We ask that you continue to pray for Haiti and all the victims (all the Haitians are victims in some way). We checked with IOM (NGO)to get jobs for the victims as a way to help them get some money. The door is still open as for your plan to come down, we are ready, waiting for you. I took them myself.

May God Bless You.

It has been enlightening to hear Rob's perspective on the ground outside of Port. People are fanning out across the countryside, and are being received by their countrymen. I think long term this is going to be the most helpful until there is enough rebuilding in Port to sustain the volume of people now stranded without homes, nor places to work. Pray for sustained patience for the Haitian people. They are still suffering, starving, dying. And the road ahead is long and difficult. Your help has been astounding and incredible. We have been able to keep funds readily available, and Robinson is taking good care of those given to his care along with all the other burdens associated with this calamity in his nation. Keep him in your prayers as well.