Monday, June 11, 2012


For years I was a window maker. I have built some massive window units for beautiful homes. I have stood back and marveled at concept design's I had to add angles too, measurements for cuts, and then build frames that eventually I filled with glass. I would inspect for flaws, flaws in the wood frames, the aluminum frames, and finally the glass itself. They told me a window was never designed to look at, but through, however, to this day I will notice all windows, and all glass. Last Friday evening, I received this picture in my email. My son had saved up the money to purchase the window frame and glass for the Radio station room at our church property in St. Marc. (One of a few visions he had conceived while there for three months earlier this year.) Robinson had managed to get the money Thursday, and had the window installed on Friday. That's quick, even by American standards. As my critical eye perused the craftsmanship of what I could see of the unit, I suddenly realized I was missing the most critical piece of the picture, what could be seen through that glass! In a moment I was filled with awe, staggering in disbelief at what my eyes had settled on. Our tent structure on the property had been added onto through outstanding measures! They have set up five new tarps to cover the massive crowds gathering for church on Sunday's and weekday prayer. Robinson had told me a while back that the church is growing again at an incredible rate, but this was the icing on the cake. With what meager funding they gather, they have sought to bring some comfort to their crowds from a debilitating sun by purchasing tarps and hanging them from wherever they can to bring relief and hope to the suffering they serve. I was moved in more ways than I could write by the sight. A sweeping sense of awe and wonder filled me, and it continues a week later. So much great good is happening on the ground in Haiti, and to think we have been blessed to be able to watch from an angle inside the country like this is humbling to say the least. It is amazing what faith can do, where hope will go, what grace will bring! I am reminded again to keep my eyes open, to make sure I don't get too fixated on the glass and forget to see the big picture. How we peer through a glass darkly, but one day all will become clear, and we will see how little effort, added with little faith, moved great mountains! This is an amazing photo telling an amazing story of what God can do with willing committed hearts. Our Haitian brothers and sisters are setting a high bar, and I still have much to learn from them. Working with them has changed me, and I pray we continue to grow with them as God allows us to impact them with help in their deplorable state of affairs. That we help them as we ourselves would wish to be helped if the roles were reversed and we were in such circumstances! May God bless all tonight who have labored, and given, and loved! Rejoice in this victory, pray for many to come!