Tuesday, November 1, 2016


What a day. It's 11:21pm and we have just a about 3 hours until we are up and headed to Port for the final leg of this journey, the trip back home. We started out after breakfast for our mountain climb, spent some time at the church connecting with Abigail's school girl whose mom has died recently. She was sent to the countryside because her dad is blind and cannot care for her. Her mom's sister has her now but they arranged for a special trip to get her into town this morning so Abigail could connect with her. Today's big event though was a birthday party for all our kids and Dan who had his birthday while here with us. We spent a few minutes sharing with the orphans why we make a big deal of birthdays. The significant point is that it's a reminder that we were placed here with divine intention, and we were. Each of these kids has special import, impact zones they will serve should they make good and wholesome choices. Unfortunately we don't get a say in that, but we do get influence, and were making the most of it to the best of our abilities. One of the special stories that came out of the evening had to do with Kervin's, the brother of our Orphan house mom Kimberline. He and Kelly were interacting during the party and at one point he declared this was a great party, there was singing, and dancing, and a movie (the new Jungle Book movie). Kelly asked him the best part for him and he said the 'drink'  because he didn't have to share it with anyone. I don't know how many Haitians there were for the party tonight, but every last one was served a bottle of Coca Cola. We went through at least 48 bottles. We drink too much of the stuff in our culture, these people can't afford a coke...ever. We had some questionable characters around tonight, and it caused a couple issues, but when I mentioned it to Robinson, he said it seems they are all hungry. He goes all practical on me. I dislike being chastised, and punched in the gut, but the obvious is often the thing we trip over in the middle of the room. I have much to share, and will have some time on the journey home tomorrow to get up more pics and share more highlights, but tonight the emotions are streaming through me and the agony of goodbyes still wrenches my heart. There were many tears tonight, and one might ask why risk the broken heart, but I would ask in return what's to be gained in not risking? The sweat of their brows, the beat of their hearts, the warmth of their embraces still linger on my being as I know mine do in them as well. Love delayed is love lost, I seek to expend the currency of my love tank each day, for I know it will be recharged for the new day tomorrow, I refuse to let the sun go down on my greed, hate never wins, love never loses, but it does suffer the agony of goodbye. It's been a great trip, an unforgettable trip, tomorrow I will swoop back into our culture, will be forced back into the last of the election storm, and begin to re-adjust to the plotted, scheduled life. There will be things I relish getting back into, where Haiti has tested the limits of my limitations, but then as James Reid has well said; "the way out of life’s frustrations is found not by resenting our limitation but by accepting the place of frustration as the sphere of Gods’ purpose." Haiti has softened me, tenderized me, re-made me, it has re-fitted me and the clothing is fitting well. I know I talk about the drag these trips seem to pull me into, but that really didn't happen this time. I feel I'm beginning to harmonize with this journey in a new way and on a new level. Soon I am headed to the airport to 'fly the friendly skies', and we are praying for friendly skies, but what ever they are, it's the same sky over all creation, and its a link between me and this space, this place called Haiti, for tonight, that will have to do. This wraps up my last post in country, so blessings to all and good night from St. Marc.