Thursday, June 13, 2013


Four o'clock came earlier than I thought it would this morning! However, we did well and got out of the house on time. It was a bit sad this morning because some of the ladies said they would be getting up to see us off but I think we left earlier then expected so we never got to say goodbye to everyone at the house. On our way out of St. Marc we stopped at the property by the church to pick up two sisters who wanted to come with us to see the airport. The younger girl, Sophianise is a school child that someone at home supports and she could not have been more pleased to be going with us! She was so excited and happy that it just came bursting out of her in big smiles and giggles! We sang songs and shared granola bars but as we kept going we all noticed the car making strange sounds and knocking. Robinson stopped once to check it out but he said he thought we could make it to Port and back and then he would take it to be looked at. Well now I understand why Robrob has us leave so early in the morning! The Toyota started stalling and then all of a sudden quit in the middle of the road in a little town halfway to Port Au Prince. There was a truck on the right side of us parked by the curb, and then a semi parked right next to that so there was just enough room for us to squeeze by, when another truck was trying to come through the same small opening... And that was when the car stalled out. Amazingly, a man came right over to us trying to help Rob move the car and figure out what had happened. We finally got pulled over to the side of the road and all of us girls stayed in the car while Rob was outside talking to all of these men. We could see that they were all talking pretty seriously and heated but then everyone broke up and Rob came to the car to announce, "It seems we are not going to waste anymore of our time here. We are taking another vehicle.". Before we even knew what was happening the back of the Toyota was opened and all of our things were hauled off by three or four men to somewhere we couldn't see. The man that had first tried to help Robrob threw open my door and said "Vini!" which means "come" in Creole. Well I didn't move a muscle because I wasn't about to go anywhere without Rob first telling me to go. We weren't scared but we were all being cautious because everything was happening so fast. A minute later Rob told us to get out of the car and the five of us girls followed the man over to this really, really big truck. It was as tall as a semi but not as long and in the back, benches had been built into the sides of it so people could ride in it. I think all of us figured that was where we would be riding but we stood outside the truck with all kinds of people staring at us waiting to be told what to do. The man then opened up the front of the truck and motioned for us to get into the cab. We weren't sure exactly what to do but then Robinson told us that yes, we would be riding in the front with the man who had been trying to help us. We were helped into the big truck and squished ourselves into the cab. Mom was sitting by the driver but her part of the seat was raised very high into the air so she was at least six inches higher than the very tall truck driver! I sat next to her and then Deloris! Without going on forever, lets just say that it was a very interesting ride to the airport! There were a few times that we all thought we were going to hit or be hit by another vehicle but God protected us and we laughed and made jokes the rest of the way! We pulled up to the front of the airport in our extremely large transportation at 7:30! It just amazes me how God works out such details! We were not very far from City Soulei which is a very dangerous place and it would have been very bad if the Toyota had quit there. Then to send along a man who could help us not only know what was happening with the car but who also had a truck to give us a ride in?! Our God is SO big and amazing! I felt bad because Robinson had the two girls and his vehicle to try and get back to St. Marc but we got a report a while later that they had all made it home safely. Thankfully the rest of our trip home went smoothly over all. All of our flights were on time and we landed a good 15-30 minutes early on all of them! It was about a 20 hour day for us but surprisingly we were all quite chipper the whole day! I really can't imagine two women that I would have rather been in Haiti with then my Mom and Deloris! They are both absolutely amazing women of God and have such wonderful talents and abilities! I learn so much from both of them all the time and it was such a privilege to travel with them for the past 8 days. I love you ladies with all my heart! I hope and pray that someday we will be able to do this again! This blog concludes this chapter of the book but I don't think this is the end of the story. Keep praying for our ministry in Haiti! Things have come so far in the past five years and I know God is not done working yet! Thank you for your prayers and support for the past week! I could really feel them and I appreciate everyone who prays and supports this mission in any way! So for the last time.....

Goodnight from cool and beautiful Lake Ann, Michigan!

P.S. As a side note, this morning we received word from Robinson that St. Marc was flooded last night. As far as he knows everyone from our church is safe but there were reports of several men on motorcycles being washed off the bridge out to the ocean. Even though none of the members of the church were hurt there are several families whose houses have been severely damaged and have lost many of their things if not all of them. They already have so little and to have something so devastating happen really is heartbreaking. Please keep them in your prayers!

Monday, June 10, 2013


One great thing about Haiti, at least for me is that no matter how hard I try to sleep in, it is completely impossible! After laying in my bug tent for half an hour this morning, I finally rolled out of bed at 6:30! Between all of the roosters, people selling their wares, children calling to us from across the street and just about anything else you can imagine, there isn't too much time to sleep! We went about our usual business getting ready this morning but then Robinson left to go get ready at his own house. He took the generator with him, probably so he could fill the tank at his house but it was hot here! I would say that at 8:30 this morning it was as hot as the hottest afternoon I remember here in Haiti! We have handled the heat the best we could but I think our frizzy hair and running makeup were dead giveaways! We got our morning playtime in with Vladimir and Klarissa! They are both sweethearts but completely different personalities! Actually they remind me a lot of Kelly and myself! Robinson had to run a couple of errands so we decided to run with him. The Toyota had a flat tire so that had to be fixed and we also had to get another case of water. Everything in Haiti takes so much longer so we were gone about two hours on those small errands. After lunch we headed to the orphanage for one more afternoon with the kids. It's been a rough day for me... I realize now I have been pulling away from everyone since this morning. I don't like goodbyes very well, especially when it's goodbyes to my family and kids, and I don't know when I will see them again. Everyone says not to be sad because someday we will all be together in Heaven, but somehow that never completely eases my sadness. Of course I fully believe that but my heart is still heavy. Still, we had a lot of fun with the kids. Today we passed out sticker books, harmonicas, giant lollipops and finished it off with their first viewing of "The Incredibles". When it was time to go lots of hugs and kisses were passed around. I tried to hide my tears but I'm afraid I didn't completely succeed. Junie and Titi (A girl around my age staying at the orphanage for a while.) carried out our purses, told us not to cry and waved and blew kisses until we went around the corner. I'm dreading the morning when I have to say the rest of my goodbyes but with God's strength we will make it through! I am excited to come home and see everyone but it seems as though I am torn between two worlds and two families. We are hurrying around tonight trying to finish the packing and last minute things that need to be done. It is storming harder then it has since we have been here but thankfully our windows were closed and I haven't slipped yet, but I'm not crossing my fingers! Tomorrow is going to be an early one! Robrob likes to leave plenty early in case there is an emergency on our way to Port Au Prince so we will be up at 4:00 and take off at 5:00. Please pray for safe travels and hopefully I will see you all soon!

Love and blessings from a very wet St. Marc Haiti!

P.S. Special shout out to Ray! Happy Birthday! We have been thinking of you all day and I'm sorry we weren't there to celebrate! Sending big hugs! Love you bunches! 

Sunday, June 9, 2013


It has been a long and hot day for the three of us, but it has also been an amazing day! The alarm clock woke me a bit earlier then I cared for it to, but we always have to wake up early for Sunday's here in Haiti! It always makes waking up on Sundays at home so much easier! We got to the church at about 7:30. The front of the church has been raised, tiled and fenced in since our last team trip so we got to sit up there with the Pastors. All of the Pastors including the guest pastor have small children and they let all of them stay up front so we got to snuggle and love on them lots during the three and a half hour service! It never ceases to amaze me how they worship! They literally give everything while they are praying and singing. After church, we came back to the Mission House to eat (Chrissyann made Haitian food for us!) and gather up our stuff before heading to the orphanage. Today was the big day for the birthday party! We didn't tell the kids our plans until this afternoon so when Robinson explained to them what we were going to do they were so excited! Sometimes we are unsure of what they are thinking because in the Haitian culture emotion is rare. However, we had no problem deciphering their thoughts on this! They were smiling and jumping up and down! I sent them outside with jump ropes and some other toys and told them not to come back in until they were called. From there we worked like crazy blowing up a bazillion balloons, hanging crepe paper and wrapping presents! It was SO hot! We persevered though and got everything done by the time everyone started to show up. We had a full house! Robinson and his family, Thaina, Claudy, the orphanage staff, plus some extra people that we had no idea were coming for a total off about 25 people! Everyone came in their new orphan dream ministry shirts that were so graciously donated for us to bring to them, so we got some great pictures! Deloris was our wonderful chef and cooked up all of the hotdogs while Mom and I led the kids in a lively game of pin the tail on the donkey! Forty hotdogs later we were finally ready for the birthday cake! It was loaded with candles and the kids faces were priceless as everyone sang happy birthday and they blew out the candles! For their presents the girls got barbie dolls and the boys got baseballs and gloves. The boys didn't know what baseball was so we gave them some lessons! Samuel loves it and was already getting good by the time we were leaving! I told them that if they practice maybe we can send a bat in next time and we will have a baseball game with the next team of Americans! They are so excited! It was an awesome party and the kids were thrilled! I don't think they have ever felt so special! Tonight, we are once again at the Mission House showering off the days dirt and grime. Tomorrow is our last full day here which makes my heart heavy. I am tired and the conveniences of home sound wonderful but then I look around me and wonder how can I come home and live with such leisure when the neighbor children don't even have clothes? There is not enough food or water to go around and there are so many hurting people and children. I'm not sure what Gods plan is for my future but I know he has placed Haiti in my life for a reason and I will always be so thankful for that. The only problem is that when Haiti grabs hold of your heart it never, ever let's go again.  We are off to get some sleep for tonight so we can finish the last stretch of our trip well. Miss and love everyone! Hugs to Dad, Kelly and Ray!

Goodnight from St. Marc Haiti!


This is yesterday's blog, Krystle couldn't get it to me via email last night, the internet was too crowded.

I have to start this blog by going back to last night. We had some very interesting things happen after I sent out last nights update! Deloris and I were upstairs talking about the day when there was some thunder and lightening. Deloris commented that she wondered what would happen at the all night service if it started to rain. Just then, water started pouring through the windows so forcefully that in just seconds the floor was soaked as well as our bags! I ran to the windows and door trying to close them but ended up slipping before I could make it anywhere! Finally I got everything closed down but the water just kept coming through any cracks around the window or door. Kevins and Peterson came to our rescue with a mop and bucket to try and soak up the water. Thankfully it completely stopped within ten minutes! One of the craziest things I have ever seen! It breaks my heart thinking about all of the people who don't live in homes nearly as nice as the one I am staying in right now. When we all finally crawled into our bug tents it was midnight. I was in that place right in between sleeping and still being awake when I became aware of someone calling my name. Thinking it might be one of the kids I jumped out of bed to investigate. There stood Peterson in the hallway, (He is Robinsons 19 year old nephew) motioning me over and repeating in his broken English, "Excuse me Krystle, I am so sorry!". After a minute of sign language and whispering back and forth I finally figured out what he wanted.... He needed toothpaste to brush his teeth! I didn't know if I should start laughing or crying! In one way the whole situation was quite comical but on the other hand it made me sad. He is such a good young man and yet he doesn't even have the things needed for such a simple task. I dug through my bag in the dark until I found the toothpaste. He had a huge smile on his face while he squirted some onto his finger and happily walked off to brush his teeth.... Presumably without a toothbrush. Moments like this always keep me in check. Even crazier then the storm was that I found out today, it didn't so much as sprinkle at the church during the all night prayer service that is just minutes away. God is good!

This morning came very early with little eyes peering, smiles glowing and words I don't know whispered among the children. As soon as we crawled out of bed they swarmed us with hugs and kisses! By the time the morning was over though, I was worn out! Duck duck goose, jumping on the bed, dancing, singing, rough housing, chasing, spinning, clapping, laughing, snuggling and running! It was an absolute blast! At noon we went over to the church to meet with the school children so many people at home are sponsoring! It took a couple of hours but we have most everyone's picture for the new school year! From there we went a short ways behind the church property to see a house that someone had given money to make a shower for their family and also a single Mom who needed a new roof on her house! It looks amazing and the families have been so blessed by it! Later this afternoon we went to the orphanage and decorated the kids rooms with posters, cut outs and glow in the dark stars! Their rooms look so bright and pretty and they seem to be very pleased! On our way back to the Mission House with Robrob and Vladimir we made a quick stop by the Deli Mart to pick up hotdogs and a cake for our birthday party tomorrow! I think it's going to be another great memory with the orphans! Now we are settling in for the night and getting ready for church in the morning! I hope everyone back home has a blessed morning at church and know that we are thinking of everyone and love you very much!

Goodnight from rainy St. Marc!

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Today has been a hot one here in St. Marc! We have had to take it a bit more easy but it has still been an amazing day! We spent all morning here at the Mission House mainly giving all of our attention to Booboo! I feel so special because he has learned my name and continually talks to me. I played so many hockey games, chased balls all over the house, put his tractor together again and again and again and then in case things were too boring we sang Vladimir's favorite song, "Happy Birthday" at least twenty times! He is beyond charming and too smart for his own good! Robinson came to pick us up after lunch and took us to the orphanage. We helped all of the kids try on their new clothes and as always they were extremely pleased. It was a bit more serious today because we were trying to get all of their sizes re-figured out.... They are always growing, and in fact Liline is officially taller then me! However, they did color some pictures and we played around for a while. Manius, Junie, Catherine, a couple of the kids, Mom and myself spent quite a while singing together. All of them are learning lots of songs in English, but I have to say my favorite was when we sang "Seek Ye First" in rounds with them singing in French and us Americans in English! It was very beautiful and so amazing to be singing praises to our Lord in different languages together! Last evening all of the children wanted so badly to come spend the night with us but because they had school this morning we made plans for them to come tonight instead. So, we scurried around to help everyone get cleaned up and packed before Robinson came to pick us up. They are all sitting upstairs watching "Zookeeper" and enjoying it immensely!  Robinson took Deloris, Mom and I to the church to see the all night service. I have never seen anything like it! Hundreds of people singing, dancing, jumping and praising the Lord! At one point one of the Pastors said something and everyone jumped up and embraced the person nearest them and I don't mean your average, awkward hug! They held onto each other laughing and smiling! By the time we had to leave there was literally not an inch to move. We had to try and step over people who were praying, children who were sleeping, duck under straps holding the tent up all while other people were trying to go the opposite way as us! It leaves me speechless and utterly amazed. I asked Robrob if he would be staying at church all night or be coming back to the house, but he told me that he wouldn't be sleeping tonight. Not to worry though because he would be driving past the house every little while to make sure everyone is doing well. He is so sweet and I am proud to call him my Haitian Dad!

The three of us have talked a lot today about how our perspective has changed about Haiti as we have been here more and more. I remember when I used to worry about the dogs, or how I had to watch every step I took because I didn't want to touch the filthy ground. I remember when the smell of the sewers and burning garbage made my stomach turn. The flies and ants made my skin crawl and I would scream at the sight of cockroaches and lizards. The shabby huts that so many people live in always caught my eye and the hungry children left me heartbroken. Now I see Haiti through different eyes. I can wash my feet and not worry about what I look like. I now smell warm air, Creole food and the ocean. The bugs and other various creatures are just a small nuisance on occasion. I see people's homes that they work so hard to keep nice, and instead of seeing people's pain, hunger, thirst and desperation I see their smiles, love, and faith. It's not that I don't have compassion for the people's struggles but instead of dwelling on the sad things I have learned to see the beauty. I think back on the last, almost five years and all of the changes. So many times I remember feeling discouraged about things we were trying to do and wondering if things could ever be different and better, and now they are! Things take time but I have been given the privilege to watch and help as God heals this land. It is truly an amazing thing! Haiti's healing is not complete by a long shot but God is working, and working through people to make a difference. Please keep us in your prayers as we head into the second half of our trip!

Love & Blessings from St. Marc!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


It has been another amazing and very productive day here in Haiti! The weather has not been nearly us unbearable as I thought it would be so that is another blessing. The orphans were such a joy to be with today! We pulled out bubbles which is something they have never had before and you would have thought we had given them a million bucks! Their smiles and happiness are priceless. We played with bouncy balls, dolls, looked at books, had a staff versus kids soccer game, colored pictures and they even put on a small concert for us! There is never a dull moment with all of them here! We got to talk with all of them again but this time we had a bit more fun! So far we have an up and coming Pastor, Nurse, Soccer Player, Teacher and Doctor... It is so amazing to hear all of their hopes and dreams and even though we all know that children change their minds it is encouraging to know that they are dreaming, even in a country that seems to crush such ideas. They all shared that they would love to have bicycles, and even though they have never ridden them they would like to learn! Kenley, our second oldest boy has changed so much from the last trip! He is so full of life and joyful that it just pours out of him in everything he goes to do! When I asked them what something is that they have never done but would like to do, Kenley piped right up and said he would like to race cars on a play station! He is so outgoing, funny and smart but he is also loving, patient and gentle.

At one point during the afternoon, Mom asked the kids if they had memorized any scripture and I was amazed as each of them stood up to share a whole chapter out of the Bible. Come Dina's turn however, she forgot halfway through what the rest of her scripture was. Her heart was broken and she was so distraught that the house mother, Junie, took her into the bedroom, pulled out their Bible and helped her to study until she could say it perfectly. She reminds me of myself quite a lot and I could not have been prouder when she came marching out and confidently finished what she had started. It amazes me how strong and resilient these kids are even in something as simple as this.

It's been a quiet evening at the Mission House. We ate our dinner on the second floor outdoor porch, overlooking the neighborhood and the side of a mountain. There is a crusade going on nearby so we get to listen to all of the singing and all of the neighbor children wave and blow us kisses anytime they catch a glimpse of us. They have already stolen our hearts! Robinson went to Bible Study tonight but some of the boys and Kimberly are here and do anything and everything possible to make it easy and comfortable for us! They all feel like my brothers and sisters! Now I will close out for the night. We have lots of big plans and ideas for tomorrow but morning is coming quickly! Once again, much love to everyone at home, especially for our three guys!

Love and goodnight from St. Marc, Haiti!


This morning came really early! Back in TC airport, the man who had been helping us had managed to check our bags all the way through to Port Au Prince, so we didn't have to do anything this morning except walk through security. It was a huge blessing! At our gate just a few minutes before boarding, one of the ticket agents came to me and asked me my age (That seems to happen a lot to me!) and proceeded to try and move me to the emergency exit row. Now that's all fine and dandy until you start imagining me in a case of emergency, single handholds trying to help people out of a plane in the middle of the ocean... not that I wouldn't try my best but that could turn out very interesting! Luckily, Deloris went up to tell them that we are traveling together and we would like to stay together. I don't know how we managed this but the man came back a few minutes later and said that instead of splitting us up he had moved all three of us to first class! Things like this happening just reassure me that we are surely in the right place doing exactly what we are supposed to! We were the first ones boarded on the plane! Both of the ladies were served breakfast and given hot towels. I was of course offered those same things, but instead just curled up in the complimentary blanket and slept for the whole flight in that great, big, comfy chair! God has given us so much favor on this trip and this is only day two! We arrived in Haiti fifteen minutes early and we were some of the first off the plane. We were in immigration for a total of probably a minute and a half and then quickly given three carts and escorted to the front of the conveyor belt where we waited a quick five minutes for our bags! As always, Robinson met us right outside of the door with hugs and whisked us off to his Toyota! The ride back to St. Marc went as smooth as could be expected.

"The Mission House" as it is now being called is absolutely beautiful and well on its way to being finished! All of the floors are tiled, walls are painted and doors and windows have been installed. Better then all of that was seeing so many of my Haitian family! After dropping off our bags we went to see Naromie and the baby. Klarissa is absolutely beautiful and Vladimir could not be more handsome and charming! Our next stop was the orphanage where I got to see all of my darling kids. I have missed them so much and even though I have just gotten here, my heart aches for the day we have to leave them again. We had the wonderful opportunity to talk with all of the kids and have Claudy as our translator. We found out all of their favorite colors and a few other things like that but then  came the really big question. "If you love us so much then why don't you take us home with you?". It was not asked in a rude, demanding or challenging way. The question came from a deeply hurting heart that has been abandoned far to many times. How do you explain the difficulties that are Haiti to a child who just wants a family and to be loved.? How do you deny a child of something they should never have to ask for? How can I come home to a place so full of comfort when these kids are left here and expected just to make do? People say these kids are blessed to be at the orphanage because it has to be so much better than what they had beforehand, that's true to a certain extent, but how can you say that so easily when they have gone through something so horrific that no child ever deserves to go through? It is all a lot to handle but I am so thankful to be here and I'm so thankful that God has allowed me to be in these kids lives. Now I just pray that I will be a blessing and that God will use me to make a difference, even if it's only in helping these five children to know that they are loved, that they are special and that they have a purpose. As heart wrenching as the above conversation was, the night ended perfectly. We gave the boys action figures and the girls magnetic dolls and we had an absolute ball playing the night away! We are all back at the house getting showers and settling in for the night! Sending love to all of our guys at home, Dad, Kelly and Ray!

Goodnight from St. Marc Haiti!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


We are half way there! So far everything has gone extremely well. We got to TC airport at 2:30 to check our bags through. The man helping us was very kind and our first blessing of the trip was that he waved the forty dollar fee for each of our second bags! It's funny how God works because earlier I was telling mom how stressed about money I was! I guess I need to have a little more faith! We have a big God and he always comes through! Our first flight to Chicago was uneventful but we had lots of laughs and probably disturbed the whole plane considering how tiny it was! The three of us are so excited although I think it has just hit us that we are actually on our way. On our last flight heading to Florida I was thinking about how it is all going to go tomorrow morning and what's going to happen when we land in Haiti. I have much of it down to a science and I could lay out the whole process but I won't bore you with the details. What is mostly on my mind is wondering how I will do on this trip this time around. I'm always worried that I don't have enough to give, that I'm too small (in more ways than one!) too insignificant to make a difference, that I'm too young, that I'm not wise enough, not strong enough, not patient enough or that I won't have enough love to go around. It's easy for me to get caught up in these feelings but the Lord always reminds me of something when I start to feel overwhelmed. I am not enough, but He is. I can't wait to wrap my arms around all of my sweet kids and the rest of my Haitian family! I have missed them and my heart is so ready for this trip! It's 11:00 o'clock and we have just gotten into our room only to be up again in four hours! Keep us in your thoughts and prayers and know that you are in ours! Much love from the three of us!