Thursday, December 8, 2011


Several months ago, we sat around a small porch in Haiti, sharing with our team. We were recounting a days activities, a few centered around an old, white, dying 1986 Toyota Land Runner that in it's lifetime had served many, and served well. It had been purchased used in Haiti approximately 10 years prior to this night as a service vehicle for Robinson, and he had done incredibly well to keep it up and it had served the ministry steadfastly. But time and rough country had taken their toll and a weary sight of metal and rubber and oil drips and slow starts bore out the truth that the old white mare was about to find her final resting place. Someone said, "you are going to need a new vehicle for Robinson, what are you going to do?" Prayer and efforts to raise awareness of the need were all that came to mind. Shortly after our return to the states, that poor old truck succumbed to wear and tear, and finally quit. We prayed and scrounged, but nothing surfaced for a replacement. We were laden with raising funds for the daily operations of the orphanage and church and we were remiss to load the financial burden of a new truck on our supporters. Then a door opened unexpectedly, a customs official needed a well! We prayed and a path formed, rough and fraught with setbacks and obstacles, but a path all the same. The faint signs of a God journey marked the pathway as we walked by faith. Laborers joined with us, and a miracle was born. I wrote the other evening of a 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser that had made it to St. Marc, and how through a set of miraculous circumstances the 2 tons of goods that were on the Toyota were delivered to Robinson duty free. This afternoon, Robinson went down and that 1992 Toyota was also delivered to him duty free! We are rejoicing with joy words cannot express. God has shown once again His mighty and faithful hand, He has joined with our efforts His abundant grace and provision, and we marvel tonight at what He has brought forth. We rejoice this evening with our Haitian family, for a miracle of epic proportions has come to pass. We wish to thank all for your prayers, financial contributions, and endless hours of sorting, packing, organizing, collecting, and giving from your hearts. A bountiful blessing has been unleashed by the hand of God, for He took our frail efforts, and multiplied them 100, even 1000 fold, and countless lives will be touched by love and generosity and hope. Faith found a foothold, love turned the key, and hope poured in like rain on a desert landscape of shattered dreams and broken promises. As I listened to the Haitian voice (Pastor Robinson's) on the other end of my phone tonight, the fragrance of fresh hope was palpable, joy echoed a sweet refrain, and promise found fresh soil to cultivate. God has delivered again! Blessings and peace to all. And might I add a prayer request for my dad and brother-in-law as they head in this weekend to drill the well that will cover the efforts to get this vehicle in quickly, safely, and without fees! They will drill the well this coming week. Will update on the progress as they arrive.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


This little four letter word, carries a two ton meaning tonight! We used to sing a song in church; "Little is Much when God is in It!" In the worlds terms, we have a "little Toyota" carrying a "big" load. Well... maybe the Toyota is not so little when you compare it to a car, but in a world of Semi's, Ships, and Cargo planes, our little Toyota is pretty small. It weighs 4500 pounds, we packed in another 4000 pounds! It traveled from Michigan to Florida as an 8500 lb. cargo truck where it was boarded onto a ship bound for St. Marc. We asked everyone to pray over this package. Tonight, while the Toyota awaits clearance papers, due to a burglary attempt, all 4000 pounds of goods stowed in the vehicle are now residing safely at Robinson's house in St. Marc! God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform! I know I have not penned much in a while, but our labor on the ground has continued regardless of our slack fingers and thoughts to this digital page. We are not weary in well doing, but we have been weary! The physical ebb has been weak and the strain has been long. But tonight heralds incredible news, God prevails. He takes our little loaves and fishes and blesses them once again, multiplies them, and feeds the masses. We have prayed for the delivery of these goods for months. We didn't know how God would get it there, the needs are so great and yet the path for deliverance is so broken. However, faith the size of a grain of mustard seed, (at least on my part) has seen a mountain moved, and it may seem like a little mountain to some, but for those to whom the deliverance is coming today, it is a bright and glorious hope! The picture above in some ways does not do justice to what is here. But God is in the process of delivering a 20 year old mint condition Toyota Land Cruiser, loaded with medicine, clothing, food, a three burner stove, a welder, a host of tools, gifts, toys, pipe for water wells, school supplies, shoes, sandals, and a list of other goods that would fill several pages! The talk of St. Marc tonight is how did such a vehicle hold so MUCH! It's just a little sack lunch, but then "The Master" opens the bag, blesses what is inside, and behold such a marvelous and amazing host of supplies comes forth! Marvel with me, and glorify the Father! Blessings tonight, and remember to pray for the expedient delivery of the Toyota out of customs in the next couple of days. I will update as soon as it is released! Thank you again for all the gifts, and giving, and support. Lives are being changed, children are being delivered, God's hand is being extended through your generosity!