Monday, June 10, 2013


One great thing about Haiti, at least for me is that no matter how hard I try to sleep in, it is completely impossible! After laying in my bug tent for half an hour this morning, I finally rolled out of bed at 6:30! Between all of the roosters, people selling their wares, children calling to us from across the street and just about anything else you can imagine, there isn't too much time to sleep! We went about our usual business getting ready this morning but then Robinson left to go get ready at his own house. He took the generator with him, probably so he could fill the tank at his house but it was hot here! I would say that at 8:30 this morning it was as hot as the hottest afternoon I remember here in Haiti! We have handled the heat the best we could but I think our frizzy hair and running makeup were dead giveaways! We got our morning playtime in with Vladimir and Klarissa! They are both sweethearts but completely different personalities! Actually they remind me a lot of Kelly and myself! Robinson had to run a couple of errands so we decided to run with him. The Toyota had a flat tire so that had to be fixed and we also had to get another case of water. Everything in Haiti takes so much longer so we were gone about two hours on those small errands. After lunch we headed to the orphanage for one more afternoon with the kids. It's been a rough day for me... I realize now I have been pulling away from everyone since this morning. I don't like goodbyes very well, especially when it's goodbyes to my family and kids, and I don't know when I will see them again. Everyone says not to be sad because someday we will all be together in Heaven, but somehow that never completely eases my sadness. Of course I fully believe that but my heart is still heavy. Still, we had a lot of fun with the kids. Today we passed out sticker books, harmonicas, giant lollipops and finished it off with their first viewing of "The Incredibles". When it was time to go lots of hugs and kisses were passed around. I tried to hide my tears but I'm afraid I didn't completely succeed. Junie and Titi (A girl around my age staying at the orphanage for a while.) carried out our purses, told us not to cry and waved and blew kisses until we went around the corner. I'm dreading the morning when I have to say the rest of my goodbyes but with God's strength we will make it through! I am excited to come home and see everyone but it seems as though I am torn between two worlds and two families. We are hurrying around tonight trying to finish the packing and last minute things that need to be done. It is storming harder then it has since we have been here but thankfully our windows were closed and I haven't slipped yet, but I'm not crossing my fingers! Tomorrow is going to be an early one! Robrob likes to leave plenty early in case there is an emergency on our way to Port Au Prince so we will be up at 4:00 and take off at 5:00. Please pray for safe travels and hopefully I will see you all soon!

Love and blessings from a very wet St. Marc Haiti!

P.S. Special shout out to Ray! Happy Birthday! We have been thinking of you all day and I'm sorry we weren't there to celebrate! Sending big hugs! Love you bunches! 

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Krystle Beth-So glad you are safely landed in FL-sad with you -tho' excited about seeing the 3 of you. Get a little shuteye if & when you can today-see you this eve. -very touching blog-G. & Oscar are at this moment laying the carpet- Sunny & nice here right now. -safe flight Loads of love-Gram XXXOOO