Thursday, June 6, 2013


This morning came really early! Back in TC airport, the man who had been helping us had managed to check our bags all the way through to Port Au Prince, so we didn't have to do anything this morning except walk through security. It was a huge blessing! At our gate just a few minutes before boarding, one of the ticket agents came to me and asked me my age (That seems to happen a lot to me!) and proceeded to try and move me to the emergency exit row. Now that's all fine and dandy until you start imagining me in a case of emergency, single handholds trying to help people out of a plane in the middle of the ocean... not that I wouldn't try my best but that could turn out very interesting! Luckily, Deloris went up to tell them that we are traveling together and we would like to stay together. I don't know how we managed this but the man came back a few minutes later and said that instead of splitting us up he had moved all three of us to first class! Things like this happening just reassure me that we are surely in the right place doing exactly what we are supposed to! We were the first ones boarded on the plane! Both of the ladies were served breakfast and given hot towels. I was of course offered those same things, but instead just curled up in the complimentary blanket and slept for the whole flight in that great, big, comfy chair! God has given us so much favor on this trip and this is only day two! We arrived in Haiti fifteen minutes early and we were some of the first off the plane. We were in immigration for a total of probably a minute and a half and then quickly given three carts and escorted to the front of the conveyor belt where we waited a quick five minutes for our bags! As always, Robinson met us right outside of the door with hugs and whisked us off to his Toyota! The ride back to St. Marc went as smooth as could be expected.

"The Mission House" as it is now being called is absolutely beautiful and well on its way to being finished! All of the floors are tiled, walls are painted and doors and windows have been installed. Better then all of that was seeing so many of my Haitian family! After dropping off our bags we went to see Naromie and the baby. Klarissa is absolutely beautiful and Vladimir could not be more handsome and charming! Our next stop was the orphanage where I got to see all of my darling kids. I have missed them so much and even though I have just gotten here, my heart aches for the day we have to leave them again. We had the wonderful opportunity to talk with all of the kids and have Claudy as our translator. We found out all of their favorite colors and a few other things like that but then  came the really big question. "If you love us so much then why don't you take us home with you?". It was not asked in a rude, demanding or challenging way. The question came from a deeply hurting heart that has been abandoned far to many times. How do you explain the difficulties that are Haiti to a child who just wants a family and to be loved.? How do you deny a child of something they should never have to ask for? How can I come home to a place so full of comfort when these kids are left here and expected just to make do? People say these kids are blessed to be at the orphanage because it has to be so much better than what they had beforehand, that's true to a certain extent, but how can you say that so easily when they have gone through something so horrific that no child ever deserves to go through? It is all a lot to handle but I am so thankful to be here and I'm so thankful that God has allowed me to be in these kids lives. Now I just pray that I will be a blessing and that God will use me to make a difference, even if it's only in helping these five children to know that they are loved, that they are special and that they have a purpose. As heart wrenching as the above conversation was, the night ended perfectly. We gave the boys action figures and the girls magnetic dolls and we had an absolute ball playing the night away! We are all back at the house getting showers and settling in for the night! Sending love to all of our guys at home, Dad, Kelly and Ray!

Goodnight from St. Marc Haiti!


Anonymous said...

Hi Krystle, Beth Jo & Deloris- What a writer you are! -like your dad we both think. -easy & interesting to read-inspirational & makes us feel really connected. Am sure today has been full for you also-thank the Lord for His surprises so far -He is soooo good! The guys played really well tonight-we left just before the end of the first game it was so freezing cold with the wind. We miss you, saw & hugged Alexis & Alisa, talked with Kel & Kelly. Hugs for each of you & the orphans especially & Rob & Naromie & children. Sleep well-with angels all around you. Love, G&G XXXOOO

Anonymous said...

"If you love us so much then why don't you take us home with you?".

Your message to us is so beautifully written, Krystle. But the question above cut deep in my heart. "Home." You know, through my own terrible heartache at losing our two unborn babies this last winter, I also had this same question. But my question was directed to God. I wanted Him to stop my grievous pain and take me home. "God, if you love me so much, then why are you leaving me here to suffer such intense, deep grief? Why won't you relieve me from this unbearable grief and just take me home?" I can't relate to the suffering your precious children have had to endure. But I believe their suffering is real and hurts, just like mine is real & hurts. No matter what "home" we long for, is it a home of love, peace, acceptance, joy, security, and comfort. It is full of grace and mercy. Our earthly homes will pale in comparison to our heavenly home, a sad result of sin. But God is using you all to give these children a taste, a glimpse of their heavenly home! It is our (mine & yours, I'm sure) prayer that the children will recognize & internalize these "tastes" and "glimpses," and cling the hope of someday living them without the taint of sin in heaven. I'm sure it's a difficult concept for children to understand, that our earthly suffering can draw us closer to God & will make heaven seem so much sweeter than if we had not suffered. But maybe at this point in their lives, letting God's love flow through you to them is all they need. I know it's hard to see such precious children hurting, so I will also pray for God's strength to fill you all as you minister to their earthy and spiritual needs, that His love will flow freely and unceasingly through you, and they will see the glory of God in the process.

Sending love to my sisters in Christ,