Saturday, June 8, 2013


Today has been a hot one here in St. Marc! We have had to take it a bit more easy but it has still been an amazing day! We spent all morning here at the Mission House mainly giving all of our attention to Booboo! I feel so special because he has learned my name and continually talks to me. I played so many hockey games, chased balls all over the house, put his tractor together again and again and again and then in case things were too boring we sang Vladimir's favorite song, "Happy Birthday" at least twenty times! He is beyond charming and too smart for his own good! Robinson came to pick us up after lunch and took us to the orphanage. We helped all of the kids try on their new clothes and as always they were extremely pleased. It was a bit more serious today because we were trying to get all of their sizes re-figured out.... They are always growing, and in fact Liline is officially taller then me! However, they did color some pictures and we played around for a while. Manius, Junie, Catherine, a couple of the kids, Mom and myself spent quite a while singing together. All of them are learning lots of songs in English, but I have to say my favorite was when we sang "Seek Ye First" in rounds with them singing in French and us Americans in English! It was very beautiful and so amazing to be singing praises to our Lord in different languages together! Last evening all of the children wanted so badly to come spend the night with us but because they had school this morning we made plans for them to come tonight instead. So, we scurried around to help everyone get cleaned up and packed before Robinson came to pick us up. They are all sitting upstairs watching "Zookeeper" and enjoying it immensely!  Robinson took Deloris, Mom and I to the church to see the all night service. I have never seen anything like it! Hundreds of people singing, dancing, jumping and praising the Lord! At one point one of the Pastors said something and everyone jumped up and embraced the person nearest them and I don't mean your average, awkward hug! They held onto each other laughing and smiling! By the time we had to leave there was literally not an inch to move. We had to try and step over people who were praying, children who were sleeping, duck under straps holding the tent up all while other people were trying to go the opposite way as us! It leaves me speechless and utterly amazed. I asked Robrob if he would be staying at church all night or be coming back to the house, but he told me that he wouldn't be sleeping tonight. Not to worry though because he would be driving past the house every little while to make sure everyone is doing well. He is so sweet and I am proud to call him my Haitian Dad!

The three of us have talked a lot today about how our perspective has changed about Haiti as we have been here more and more. I remember when I used to worry about the dogs, or how I had to watch every step I took because I didn't want to touch the filthy ground. I remember when the smell of the sewers and burning garbage made my stomach turn. The flies and ants made my skin crawl and I would scream at the sight of cockroaches and lizards. The shabby huts that so many people live in always caught my eye and the hungry children left me heartbroken. Now I see Haiti through different eyes. I can wash my feet and not worry about what I look like. I now smell warm air, Creole food and the ocean. The bugs and other various creatures are just a small nuisance on occasion. I see people's homes that they work so hard to keep nice, and instead of seeing people's pain, hunger, thirst and desperation I see their smiles, love, and faith. It's not that I don't have compassion for the people's struggles but instead of dwelling on the sad things I have learned to see the beauty. I think back on the last, almost five years and all of the changes. So many times I remember feeling discouraged about things we were trying to do and wondering if things could ever be different and better, and now they are! Things take time but I have been given the privilege to watch and help as God heals this land. It is truly an amazing thing! Haiti's healing is not complete by a long shot but God is working, and working through people to make a difference. Please keep us in your prayers as we head into the second half of our trip!

Love & Blessings from St. Marc!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Krystle, Beth Jo & Deloris--What special blogs you have been writing-thank you. Of course my heart is part there also -never left from the 1st time there-so it makes me cry & laugh when you write so clearly & make me feel connected emotionally -big time. How exceedingly precious -those moments with these children apparently the Lord has kept His hand on for something very unique in His work. Only Heaven will reveal all your time, $'s, prayers, work, travel, sleep loss, paper work, tears, weariness, heartache-all their worth. G & I are working every day on things to make this ugly lawn look lovely-the garden is flourishing-the flowers are happy, all the light colored mulch is in the picnic table area, the swing area & in the garden area out front-plus along the side of the shed. In the 70's later-cold at night still. 123 or so in CA so take courage-that was one spot. Lots to share when see you. Praying frequently whenever -day & nite. Lots of love from us -Ask largely!