Sunday, June 9, 2013


It has been a long and hot day for the three of us, but it has also been an amazing day! The alarm clock woke me a bit earlier then I cared for it to, but we always have to wake up early for Sunday's here in Haiti! It always makes waking up on Sundays at home so much easier! We got to the church at about 7:30. The front of the church has been raised, tiled and fenced in since our last team trip so we got to sit up there with the Pastors. All of the Pastors including the guest pastor have small children and they let all of them stay up front so we got to snuggle and love on them lots during the three and a half hour service! It never ceases to amaze me how they worship! They literally give everything while they are praying and singing. After church, we came back to the Mission House to eat (Chrissyann made Haitian food for us!) and gather up our stuff before heading to the orphanage. Today was the big day for the birthday party! We didn't tell the kids our plans until this afternoon so when Robinson explained to them what we were going to do they were so excited! Sometimes we are unsure of what they are thinking because in the Haitian culture emotion is rare. However, we had no problem deciphering their thoughts on this! They were smiling and jumping up and down! I sent them outside with jump ropes and some other toys and told them not to come back in until they were called. From there we worked like crazy blowing up a bazillion balloons, hanging crepe paper and wrapping presents! It was SO hot! We persevered though and got everything done by the time everyone started to show up. We had a full house! Robinson and his family, Thaina, Claudy, the orphanage staff, plus some extra people that we had no idea were coming for a total off about 25 people! Everyone came in their new orphan dream ministry shirts that were so graciously donated for us to bring to them, so we got some great pictures! Deloris was our wonderful chef and cooked up all of the hotdogs while Mom and I led the kids in a lively game of pin the tail on the donkey! Forty hotdogs later we were finally ready for the birthday cake! It was loaded with candles and the kids faces were priceless as everyone sang happy birthday and they blew out the candles! For their presents the girls got barbie dolls and the boys got baseballs and gloves. The boys didn't know what baseball was so we gave them some lessons! Samuel loves it and was already getting good by the time we were leaving! I told them that if they practice maybe we can send a bat in next time and we will have a baseball game with the next team of Americans! They are so excited! It was an awesome party and the kids were thrilled! I don't think they have ever felt so special! Tonight, we are once again at the Mission House showering off the days dirt and grime. Tomorrow is our last full day here which makes my heart heavy. I am tired and the conveniences of home sound wonderful but then I look around me and wonder how can I come home and live with such leisure when the neighbor children don't even have clothes? There is not enough food or water to go around and there are so many hurting people and children. I'm not sure what Gods plan is for my future but I know he has placed Haiti in my life for a reason and I will always be so thankful for that. The only problem is that when Haiti grabs hold of your heart it never, ever let's go again.  We are off to get some sleep for tonight so we can finish the last stretch of our trip well. Miss and love everyone! Hugs to Dad, Kelly and Ray!

Goodnight from St. Marc Haiti!

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I am sure the 3 of you girls impacted many lives this week! You are SOO correct Krystle.... once Haiti gets a hold of your heart.... it never ever lets go! Stay strong as you head home to the states! Know that your job there has been accomplished and God is very pleased with you and your efforts! I am ready for Dad's birthday dinner tonight.... Bob and Darlene are going to join us and we are all going celebrate Dad tonight! I looke forward to seeing the pictures and hearing the stories! I love you all! God bless you tonight! ~Alisa~