Sunday, June 9, 2013


This is yesterday's blog, Krystle couldn't get it to me via email last night, the internet was too crowded.

I have to start this blog by going back to last night. We had some very interesting things happen after I sent out last nights update! Deloris and I were upstairs talking about the day when there was some thunder and lightening. Deloris commented that she wondered what would happen at the all night service if it started to rain. Just then, water started pouring through the windows so forcefully that in just seconds the floor was soaked as well as our bags! I ran to the windows and door trying to close them but ended up slipping before I could make it anywhere! Finally I got everything closed down but the water just kept coming through any cracks around the window or door. Kevins and Peterson came to our rescue with a mop and bucket to try and soak up the water. Thankfully it completely stopped within ten minutes! One of the craziest things I have ever seen! It breaks my heart thinking about all of the people who don't live in homes nearly as nice as the one I am staying in right now. When we all finally crawled into our bug tents it was midnight. I was in that place right in between sleeping and still being awake when I became aware of someone calling my name. Thinking it might be one of the kids I jumped out of bed to investigate. There stood Peterson in the hallway, (He is Robinsons 19 year old nephew) motioning me over and repeating in his broken English, "Excuse me Krystle, I am so sorry!". After a minute of sign language and whispering back and forth I finally figured out what he wanted.... He needed toothpaste to brush his teeth! I didn't know if I should start laughing or crying! In one way the whole situation was quite comical but on the other hand it made me sad. He is such a good young man and yet he doesn't even have the things needed for such a simple task. I dug through my bag in the dark until I found the toothpaste. He had a huge smile on his face while he squirted some onto his finger and happily walked off to brush his teeth.... Presumably without a toothbrush. Moments like this always keep me in check. Even crazier then the storm was that I found out today, it didn't so much as sprinkle at the church during the all night prayer service that is just minutes away. God is good!

This morning came very early with little eyes peering, smiles glowing and words I don't know whispered among the children. As soon as we crawled out of bed they swarmed us with hugs and kisses! By the time the morning was over though, I was worn out! Duck duck goose, jumping on the bed, dancing, singing, rough housing, chasing, spinning, clapping, laughing, snuggling and running! It was an absolute blast! At noon we went over to the church to meet with the school children so many people at home are sponsoring! It took a couple of hours but we have most everyone's picture for the new school year! From there we went a short ways behind the church property to see a house that someone had given money to make a shower for their family and also a single Mom who needed a new roof on her house! It looks amazing and the families have been so blessed by it! Later this afternoon we went to the orphanage and decorated the kids rooms with posters, cut outs and glow in the dark stars! Their rooms look so bright and pretty and they seem to be very pleased! On our way back to the Mission House with Robrob and Vladimir we made a quick stop by the Deli Mart to pick up hotdogs and a cake for our birthday party tomorrow! I think it's going to be another great memory with the orphans! Now we are settling in for the night and getting ready for church in the morning! I hope everyone back home has a blessed morning at church and know that we are thinking of everyone and love you very much!

Goodnight from rainy St. Marc!

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