Thursday, June 6, 2013


It has been another amazing and very productive day here in Haiti! The weather has not been nearly us unbearable as I thought it would be so that is another blessing. The orphans were such a joy to be with today! We pulled out bubbles which is something they have never had before and you would have thought we had given them a million bucks! Their smiles and happiness are priceless. We played with bouncy balls, dolls, looked at books, had a staff versus kids soccer game, colored pictures and they even put on a small concert for us! There is never a dull moment with all of them here! We got to talk with all of them again but this time we had a bit more fun! So far we have an up and coming Pastor, Nurse, Soccer Player, Teacher and Doctor... It is so amazing to hear all of their hopes and dreams and even though we all know that children change their minds it is encouraging to know that they are dreaming, even in a country that seems to crush such ideas. They all shared that they would love to have bicycles, and even though they have never ridden them they would like to learn! Kenley, our second oldest boy has changed so much from the last trip! He is so full of life and joyful that it just pours out of him in everything he goes to do! When I asked them what something is that they have never done but would like to do, Kenley piped right up and said he would like to race cars on a play station! He is so outgoing, funny and smart but he is also loving, patient and gentle.

At one point during the afternoon, Mom asked the kids if they had memorized any scripture and I was amazed as each of them stood up to share a whole chapter out of the Bible. Come Dina's turn however, she forgot halfway through what the rest of her scripture was. Her heart was broken and she was so distraught that the house mother, Junie, took her into the bedroom, pulled out their Bible and helped her to study until she could say it perfectly. She reminds me of myself quite a lot and I could not have been prouder when she came marching out and confidently finished what she had started. It amazes me how strong and resilient these kids are even in something as simple as this.

It's been a quiet evening at the Mission House. We ate our dinner on the second floor outdoor porch, overlooking the neighborhood and the side of a mountain. There is a crusade going on nearby so we get to listen to all of the singing and all of the neighbor children wave and blow us kisses anytime they catch a glimpse of us. They have already stolen our hearts! Robinson went to Bible Study tonight but some of the boys and Kimberly are here and do anything and everything possible to make it easy and comfortable for us! They all feel like my brothers and sisters! Now I will close out for the night. We have lots of big plans and ideas for tomorrow but morning is coming quickly! Once again, much love to everyone at home, especially for our three guys!

Love and goodnight from St. Marc, Haiti!


Anonymous said...

Hi girls! I posted to you last night, but need to remember to NOT do that from my phone :( I don't see that it worked! Oh well.... luckily it was just short and sweet! I can just see all 3 of you playing with the kids and your expressions when you hear the answers to your questions! I think of you all often.... Pray for you even more..... glad it's not too unbearably hot..... Glad you are accomplishing much..... stay focused.... you are "3 women on a mission" (that's what my post was about last night)Love you all.... and Deloris, plans for Dad's birthday dinner are coming along JUST fine! :) will be fun! Ta Ta for now! :) ~Alisa~

Anonymous said...

My heart is light & happy as I read this post. Sounds very much like a joy-filled day!

Praise the Lord!