Friday, May 7, 2010

Drilling, drilling, drilling

Just a quick update to let you all know that my dad and Kelly are back in St. Marc working on the distribution well. This trip is all about drilling for water. They are now down 60' with 40' of casing set. They are currently drilling in clay, which is a little slow going with a cable tool rig. That said, it is still going very well. They said the temperature is very hot right now. We are headed swiftly toward the summer months when it will be sweltering for cold blooded Michigan folks! I always comment on how hot is it there when I am in the country, but Kelly says I don't know what hot is yet! Of course this is coming from the boy who loves snow! Keep them in your prayers, we are hoping to get two wells on this trip, but this is Haiti that we are talking about, so one never knows. Kelly is trying to purchase a water tank for the bathroom facility at the church property so they can have water even when the pump is not running. One of the guys will plumb it up for us once it is in place. The tower stand for it is already set, so it shouldn't take much to get it finished. Blessings always.

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