Sunday, October 17, 2010


It's hard to believe the next trip is already upon us. What's even harder to believe is that two weeks before we go the suitcases are packed, tagged, and taped! 27 to be exact. There are 10 of us going on this trip, one is joining us in Miami coming from Texas. We are loaded for the orphanage, our children's services, over the counter medicines, Christmas supplies, school supplies, project supplies, and the list goes on! We are going to be building 22 benches for the church this time, modifying the water distribution system to be able to give away more water more quickly. We have found special pumps that will run off very low electrical demand, so our small generators will run them. This is going to allow for more water more consistently. We are going to be setting up a small internet service network for Robinson to hopefully improve our ability to communicate more economically and consistently. An added bonus we have just uncovered is that we are now able to text back and forth and that is working quite nicely. We are going to do some paint work at the orphanage, build a couple more shelves and do some organization work, hold three services for the children, a movie night at the church, and some training sessions. That's the short list! We are busy, but thankful for the way God is bringing this trip together. There is always anticipation and a touch of anxiety as you ready for these journey's. Things are not the same in Haiti as they are here, or most places for that matter. I know times have been tough in our country, but we have no idea the depths to which real poverty can plunge us. I often wonder about the condition our culture would be in if we were dropped into the same conditions as these poor hurting people. We appreciate all the prayers and support as we launch, we couldn't do this without our base of faithful supporters! Someone asked me the other day how we do this? The simple answer is: by God's grace. And I like to keep it simple! Our time here this side of eternity is short, we press against the limits of time to get done all we can, to prevail against the night, to forge out new beginnings from the void of darkness the enemy has lowered. Time rushes on! Until later, blessings today!

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