Friday, September 30, 2011


I have thought for a week and one day for the title for this post. An unexpected text on my phone, with a cryptic message, and with grand implications reminded me once more of a universe where miracles still happen, where good trumps evil, where God still orders the ways of men. It turns out after a year of separation, a brother and sister who were orphaned have been reunited. We learned about six months ago that one of our little orphan boys had a sister in the country who was orphaned as well. In the first picture seen here, this is the moment we discovered her. When the news broke from Robinson to myself, I was grief stricken. I knew in an instant many things about this little girl via stories that had come through the suffering of her brother. I just didn't know that with his suffering there was yet another suffering even more! Over the passed few months these eyes have haunted me, I wanted so desperately with others to reach in and snatch her from the fire of pain that burned through her very existence. We had rescued her brother, my prayer was that she could be rescued as well... enter last Thursday evening when we got word that little Diane (pronounced Dion) had been picked up and brought to the orphanage. A brother and sister united after so much tragedy and separation. My heart soared, I am still on cloud nine. Day after day you invest, you sweat, you pray, you labor, and often life's thin vapor makes you question if all isn't vanity, and then, a divine ray of hope and grandeur penetrate the ruts of our weary existence and we are reminded of the greatness and goodness that streams through our days and the divine moments flush out the searing and temporal vestiges of insanity. We see roses and diamonds all around, in the midst of the shadows of suffering the bright light of hope takes issue in stark contrast. And somewhere a shudder blinks, and the lens's eye captures the contrast, and we marvel again. Faith bears up on eagles wings, and hope catches heavens' breeze and we soar again in God's great mysteries! With great joy in my heart, blessings from the blogoshpere!

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