Thursday, October 31, 2013


So now I am on this unique journey. Not unique to me in my destination, not at this point anyway, but unique in that this time I am going alone! The captain without a crew feels a little strange right now. When I arrived at the terminal this morning, just my family accompanied me, my regular travel companions walked me through the check in process with just 2 bags versus the normal 30 or so I have become accustomed to having to manage and sort. It was all a trifle bizarre feeling. The normal vortex that surrounds the airport fiasco was absent, and I hardly know what to do with myself. Don't get me wrong, it was nice, and I relished the simplicity of it all, I just miss the travel companionship.
Last night was a restless night for sleeping, the vacuum of the unknown keeps sucking all the preparation thoughts to the surface of your mind, you keep going over the checkoff list for something you will need but have forgotten. In Haiti you learn to get by on what you have, but it can be a rather testy experience. Sometimes I head off to a job here at home and forget something, it can be a hassle, but not earth shattering, in Haiti, it can cost you not being able to finish the project. I have had to leave things undone with Robinson, and it is difficult. I tell him I am sorry, and he says it's okay brother, it's Haiti. I am praying that is not the case with this trip, but the longer I continue this journey, the more I am reminded it IS A JOURNEY! And with some journey's like in life,  you don't get a say in when they are over, only God does. Lord willing, I will land today in Port Au Prince at around 4:05, and that will complete my journey via plane to Haiti, but it is just another moment in a long line of an adventure God has sent me on through my Haitian brother and an outreach ministry that now includes several churches stateside, a church of over 1000 in Haiti, an orphanage with beautiful children, 74 kids now able to attend school, and the blessing of drilling for fresh water and delivering it free to the masses. The scope of it all is rather hard to compute! I am grateful to God for this journey, even with all of it's uncertainties. It is worth every moment of struggle and every bit of pain for the joy it brings, the light of a hopeful smile is a huge reward. So I go, and will keep going, until He says my journey is over!

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