Tuesday, April 1, 2014


woke with a feeling of dread in my stomach as I remembered it was our last day here. I never want that feeling to take over and make my day miserable but I seem to look at things through new eyes when I know my time here is drawing to a close. We had planned to take a walk up the mountain behind the church but time got away from us this morning. Robinson has 5 nephews that are our guardian angels while we are here. They fill the coolers with water and ice, keep the generator going, load and unload the car, carry our bags, help with the children, set up fans and just about every other little job you can think of. They are all right about my age and they are some of my very best friends here in Haiti. They all grew up in the village of Desdunes  but in an effort to get them out of that situation their grandparents had them move to St. Marc. The grandparents live in the states but all of these kids live in the grandparents house here in town. They are all by themselves trying to go to school everyday and make it through life. As we were talking to them this trip, Mom asked why they weren't going to church. Come to find out, they have no church clothes and no money to get any. I know at home that we believe we can go to church dressed in whatever because God excepts us just as we are and that is true but the Haitians follow the same standard my Dad and Mom taught me. If you were going to meet the president wouldn't you wear your very best? Then why wouldn't you do the same when you go to God's house? That is how the Haitians think and it is very important to them that they look nice. Mom promised that she would do her best to get dress clothes and shoes for all of them and they were so excited! Then they asked if there would be any way we could get them a Bible. It breaks my heart that I don't have these simple things to give them but I have high hopes of being able to help them.

We had our big school meeting today for all of the kids being sponsored for school from back home. We got there and were greeted by all kinds of children! The only problem being that three quarters of them weren't the school kids... They were kids who wanted to be able to go to school. So many hurting kids who just want to learn. We had about 50 of our 79 kids show up to write their thank you cards and get pictures. One of the young men that Grandpa Berg has been sending to school will be graduating this year and then next year I think we have 2 or 3 kids who will be graduating! It is so amazing to see all of our hard work to get sponsors for these kids paying off! Besides God, education is one of the only things that is going to help Haiti. Mom is so respected here in Haiti and Rob asked her to speak to a couple of young people from the church who are struggling right now. They are like any other young person anywhere who have struggles and quite often Rob will ask Mom to talk to them about their choices and decisions. She is like a mother to all of these kids and young people! As we got ready to leave the church, we had to say our final goodbyes to Claudy. It was the start to the many goodbyes we have had to say. The orphans came back to the mission house with us to eat dinner and have a little time with us. They didn't know we were leaving until we got to the house and told them. We have learned it is better not to say anything to them about leaving until close to time. It is so hard for them to let us in when they know their hearts will be hurt all over again when we leave. They are such strong kids and it took everything in me not to cry when we told them we had to leave in the morning. Samuel started counting on his fingers how many months until November and when I walked around the corner, Dina was wiping tears from her eyes. A lot of times when they hear we are leaving, they become very distant but I was so proud of how they handled themselves! We got more hugs in one evening from them then we have gotten the whole week which is really saying something! They refused to leave our sides all evening long. The Haitian kids love food! Any kind of food! They ask and ask and ask for food and will eat anything so when we pulled out popcorn and cookies you would think these kids had been given a million bucks! It was so much fun and a great way to spend our last night with them. When it was time for them to go, they gave us big hugs and got into the car. Manius went with them and saying goodbye to him was just as hard as saying goodbye to the kids. We waved until Rob, Manius and the kids were out of sight and then the four American women stood outside the gate and sobbed. Every trip gets harder and harder for me to leave. Poor Vanel stood at the gate watching over all of us until we could pull it together. We are finishing packing up and sorting through the things we are leaving here and taking with us. Klarissa has given us a wonderful show tonight dancing in a way that only she could! We got some pretty spectacular video footage! Now we are showering and ready to fall into bed. It will be an early morning and a long trip home. This past week has been amazing. I will come home if I must but my heart stays here in Haiti.

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Good luck Haiti team! Love you all!


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