Monday, April 10, 2017


Another fantastic day has come and gone. Robinson was at the long night service all night so Kervins was our guardian angel and slept on the floor in front of our door to keep watch over us and tend the generator. He is a special young man whom I cannot say enough good things about. He and I have gotten a lot closer on this trip and I am very grateful for his friendship. There were a couple of big soccer games on today and the house was overflowing with young boys and men who had gotten special permission to watch on Pastor’s television! The whole house was laced with tension and excitement from all of the bodies closed in together in such a small space. We found a couple of corners and settled down to color giant pictures and play Uno with all of the younger kids. It may sound like a more relaxed day but with all of these little ones, nothing is slow paced! We visited a couple of grocery stores this afternoon to track down enough hotdogs and buns to make dinner for everyone. When just Mom and I come, we only have room to bring food for ourselves for most days as well as snacks we can give to all of the kids. We wanted to make something for everyone though and hotdogs are always a smash hit here in Haiti! 80 hotdogs, a couple bags of trail mix and a few containers of Pringles later, the whole house was in a happy food coma watching ‘Sing’ which was also adored by all. Christianne made Mom and I a lovely Haitian dinner and Naromie topped it off with a homemade juice made out of ‘sugar apples’. As picky as I have been in the past, I think God hacked into my system and somehow gave me an uncanny love for Haitian food! It all made for a wonderful night together!
     Mom and I sit here on the balcony of the Mission House tonight, talking about the day, talking about Haiti, talking about the ministry, talking about life. I have what feels like a vast multitude of thoughts whirling around in my head this evening. We were blessed to have some really good heart to heart conversations with Rob today but the after affects are that the wheels in my head are on autopilot and running at a steady pace. I have each of our kids on my mind. How each of them came to us, their backgrounds and how their pasts complicate their everyday lives and futures. Their trials have been great though their years have been few. I find it amazing how resilient we are as human beings, especially children. How does the pain not just stop their tiny hearts from beating? They already had so little and for the people who were meant to teach them all the things so many of us take for granted to just be torn from their grasp, is heartbreaking. The answer I trust to be true, is that God has big plans for each of them. He is the ultimate heart and mind physician and can repair all of the fissures that have been carved into our beings from the beginning. Each one of these beautiful children hold a place dearer in my heart than I thought anyone could ever have. Tonight, my cup is overflowing with love and joy! God has been with us on this trip in a tremendous way. Prayers have been answered and fresh air has  been breathed into everything. Time for some rest before an early morning and church tomorrow! Blessings from St. Marc!


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