Thursday, April 1, 2010


Each trip presents a host of reasons for our continuing support of Robinson and the work God is doing through this amazing young man. He labors long and hard to fulfill every need of both his people and those who come to labor among them. As I thanked him again today and told him how much I appreciated all he does, it seemed rather trite compared to the task that he has so willing accepted. Niche commented on this as we were walking through the Miami airport tonight. That he chooses to stay among his people after having been to America, that he loves his people that much is a testament to his caliber, his vision, and his undying love for his country and his people. He is a true representative of the love of God. He is not the only one, there are others, but they are scarce! He is not good at goodbyes. He pulled a fast one on my ignorance today, as we were in line at the airport he was in the lead. I was about halfway back in the midst of mass congestion going into the airport when he called me up and told me I needed to be in front. He stepped back for a moment as I was trying to navigate the crowd to the front of our pack. When I looked back for him he was already back out of the line and standing on the sidewalk. I pointed to him and he laughed. But we both knew, I was leaving to go back to my warm showers, and regular mattresses, to my clean home with windows and solid doors, to paved highways and streetlights, to grocery stores and jobs, to the good life. While he on the other hand would return through a dusty roadway, to a dirty town, to a hungry lifestyle, to a bleak existence, among a starving people, in an impoverished country. We are brothers, connected in our heart by the love of God. How often I have wondered, what small difference there was between our creation by God that he landed there; and I here. I would give him the world if I could; such goodness deserves so much more. Perhaps in time I can. But there is a side of him I know will resist my efforts toward him, that he will divert it all to his people, that he will seek to change not his future, but those he serves. And that is the golden gem in this story, this journey I am beholden to. Our ministry to Haiti has a pureness to it because of his servant heart, and the lives being touched are profound. It seemed everywhere we go in town and country; he is called ‘pastor’. It is a term of endearment. Yesterday as we came off the mountain I stood and observed him working with a family from a distance. A young mom, two children, and some struggle. He pulled out of his pocket two pieces of gum that someone on the team must have given him. He unwrapped each piece and handed it to the two delighted children, there was a lighthearted exchange, countenances lifted, and hope was shared. I continue to pray that God opens great doors of opportunity for him tonight; that he opens the doorway to the funds needed to sustain this great effort, and that lives continue to be changed along with the country in which these dear people reside. May God bless my brother Robinson, and may he bless you as well!

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dspachman said...

What an amazing blessing that God has given us in connecting us with Robinson and the ministry of Christ Church in Traverse City and in St. Marc. Thank you Doyle and the Haiti team for inviting us to be a part of this great work of God. Welcome home and be sure to continue to share with us ways we can stand along with you to help support this ministry.
Pastor Don