Friday, April 2, 2010


Our first morning at home has arrived. I slid out of my covers this morning rather than pealing them off me like a sticky tape. Did I mention that it was unseasonably warm in Haiti this trip? It's also quite warm here this morning. I just wanted to mention how grateful I am for the little blessings that I often fail to track in my life. Coming back to the States from that climate for 8 days to balmy weather at home was very kind for my physical body. Spring is in the air, and rather than being shocked back into reality by a snow storm and frigid temperatures, we have returned to pleasant weather. I go back to my outside job this morning with the promise of a wonderful day. And I'm thankful. I slept in silence last night, and it was a bit odd. In Haiti the roosters crow pretty much all night, they are deeply confused! Dogs bark and fight in the street, there is the occasional clanging of a goats bell, and often the sound of people praying and singing through long night services. On Wednesday morning when I woke up at 4:00 a.m. I was hearing the sound of a group of people singing worship songs. I have no idea how far away they were, but I was struck again with the determination and desperation of the people I was sleeping among. I was reminded not to take anything for granted, to rejoice in all things, to give thanks for the little things. The picture I posted this morning is exactly what I am talking about, a special moment caught on camera, a blessing, a reason for thanksgiving. So much we take for granted in relationships, even the relationships themselves at times. Don't get caught dwelling on what you deserve today, linger on what you have and be grateful for both big and small. Whatever we deserve, it's not much compared to our failures, whatever we have are gifts, blessings, and we need to be grateful. We fed the victims again yesterday. The first day we fed them on the trip I stood in line watching them come to take their plate of food, there was sincere appreciation and thankfulness among those faces and lives. Did they deserve more, I thought so, but they were just thankful for that singular plate of food. How easily we form our opinions of what should be, and what tomorrow should hold, while we miss the moments of today. Seize them now, lock in on those good things, and be thankful. Rejoice and be glad today, we have so much, while so many have nothing. Blessings from my kitchen table!

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