Monday, April 2, 2012


We are traveling along on our way to Desdunes. My thoughts are racing. We ended up needing two vehicles to transport everyone. I was planning on just the bus. But  it is smaller than what I have used in the past. As we were loading up , three more of Rob's family asked to go to their home town for a visit. It's a rare treasure to be able to go back to the countryside to see family and friends.  As we drive along they are chattering back and forth in Creole. I wish I could understand them. We arrived in Desdunes with a strong breeze blowing dust everywhere. It's funny that way here, a beautiful Carribean breeze annilated by the filth it picks and is forced to carry. That kind of sums up the country. Natural beauty is forced to become a beast of burden. So many beautiful people forced to carry poverty's staggering load. But the amazing spirits of these incredible people seem to rise up under that burden and shine no matter what. We just witnessed  this again at the 'dispensary' in Desdunes. A lovely nurse who we met in 2010 continues to labor to help her people with no tools. When we were here with the team then, there was a little medicine on the shelves, today there was none. A door opened today that has not opened before, and we are going to help her. It's another small miracle where a well placed and timely visit became a God moment for many lives. And then a second miracle happened, we always give out candy in Desdunes to the desperate children there and it has always been a massive challenge to pass it out. We have tried method after method, but they are children and they are sneaky! So they figure out ways to trick us to get more than one helping and it turns into quite the fiasco. A new thought came to me today, and we set it up, the children behaved to perfection, and we passed out candy to about 100 children in 2-3 minutes! I made them stay in line until everyone had their candy bag. After we were done, I told Robinson to tell them we loved them and would see them next trip. He said 'I did'. I said, 'what are they still standing here for?' He laughed and said, 'I don't know'. And then it hit me, they were as shocked as we were. Everyone had gotten candy, there was no need for pushing and shoving, no tears, everyone at once was happy! It transfixed them and they just stood there. It blew us away! It was another moment we felt the power we know has carried and marked this mission every step of the way. We are headed home now, our mission pretty well complete. We are hoping to get down to the ocean at sunset to gather some pictures and final memories of this trip. Then to bed and dawn will take the first group from our team home. It has been another amazing day in Haiti! Weary but grateful, blessings to all!


Heidi said...

What a great way to pass out the candy bags! I'm so thankful it went that smoothly...and that the children could be blessed by the process, and not just the gift! I smile as I picture all the bouncing rubber balls and spinning tops and mouths savoring candy tonight. :) Dear team, I hope you sense that your job was well-done in the service of the King. May you know peace, contentment, and joy. Rest well tonight and have a safe day of travel tomorrow (part of team) and the next day (for the Bergs). Even though you are parting, take comfort in the fact that the bonds the Lord forges between dear friends are strong and deep and for eternity. Much, much love to all of you! My dearest Ethan, I can't wait to see you!!

tkaugust97 said...

We'll be praying for safe travels and a peace (that can only come from God) in your good-byes.

Consider your return home as going from one mission field to another. You may find it harder to love people back home, and easier to judge (and maybe not). Upon returning home from a short-term mission trip to Guatemala, I found myself fighting the temptation to judge this country harshly after seeing so many with so little . . . and the Guatemalans were a happier group of people! I found that this judging made it hard for me to fully love . . . but to love is what God calls us to do. Anyway, you may not struggle with those same temptations. I only mention this because I've found that more often than not, if I have struggled with a certain sin, others have/will too. I mean this with all good intentions, so please don't take these words the wrong way. I'm one christian friend who cares and wants only to help.

You've run this race, gear up for the next. You never know what God has in store! Your testimonies have been inspiring and I find myself reading and rereading your posts and e-mails. My faith has also been strengthened through all of you.

Praise to God alone. He has done marvelous things!!

The Gibsons

JAke T said...

All our love and prayers be with you all. We have been vigilant in our prayers for you and the mission in Haiti. Hoping and praying for a safe journey home for you all. We love you and miss you.