Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The morning is behind us. We completed several more tasks this am. We actually left late, had to bring an extra bag and made it to the gate ten minutes before boarding. Way too close for my comfort. Sweeping back across the countryside my thoughts wandered in a blur. Exhaustion overcame me once and I drifted off for a moment. We stopped a couple of times for drinks and a special peanut candy the kids have come to like. The passage back through to my civilized world was rough and ragged. But we made it through, and boarded the plane. I sit here tapping away on my iPhone, I really didn't use it much this week. I was able to use my iPad for most of my writing efforts. In a couple of hours it will rejoin it's network and be happy. So will I. The network that supports our efforts on the ground here has been incredible, and in the daunting moments words of affirmation and encouragement meant the world. Soon we will sit with the kids in a restaurant, their first time for REAL American food in three months. Haiti has changed my family. We have sacrificed a lot over the last few years in pursuit of the kingdom here. But I rejoice today that we are together again, that my kids are serious about their faith, that they are learning to love deeply, to exercise great faith, and experience the reward of that journey. We live in a selfish world. We must always war against it's ways. The dividends of the fight are matchless, the rewards constantly amaze me. As we shared our good byes this morning, I reflected on how much these dear people have given me, not of money, or beautifully wrapped packages, but of things much deeper. Gifts of the heart, noble gifts, tender gifts. Possessions are laid out for what they truly are in Haiti. And Haiti reminds me of what possessions will soon be. Just so much discarded rubble. Everyone who knows me knows I am a techno geek, I enjoy the electronic world, not for games, but it's powerful connectivity. But one of the very real things about technology is that what you buy today is outdated tomorrow! However I am finding that true about most things now. Time races along, so inconsiderate of anything or anyone. It never waits its turn, it is always next in line. Taking life, giving it, without question or delay. The last three months while my kids have been in Haiti, the time has flown by. Gone are the days of waiting for them to grow up. Gone are the days of childhood play. I feel all the more pressed to redeem the time, for the days are vanishing like the wind. The pang of good bye rings the alarm bell once more, take heed of Father Time, do what you can today, do what you must! It is what you have, your greatest luxury you cannot buy, but to you has been freely given. We have made the most of every day we were in Haiti. I am delighted with the success of this trip. I can only pray there are many more, that the tide and current of the force of good continues to rise in this land, and that of my own country. Thank you to our wonderful team. Your service of love is commended on the highest level! To our Narnian followers, we tumble back through the wardrobe today, spinning and turning, delight and confusion. Back we come, glad we went, sorry to have to leave, but somehow knowing now we are all connected in some spectacular way! There is something so incredible about this life, and I want to be locked down on it! I want to keep it real, I want to face my Creator one day and hear those mighty words, 'Well done, good and faithful servant!' Onward bound, outward bound, upward bound we go! Blessings to all.


Anonymous said...

You have done an excellent job as usual keeping us posted. Glad for all His help, & that you are on the last flight toward home. Challenges everywhere-Haiti, here at home-but we're in a great fight-one we can be sure to win as long as we stay on His side. The battle for souls is worth all our efforts. Only Heaven will reveal the total results of this trip in itself-& we'll be grateful for any part we have had. Enjoy your short time together to the utmost-We are all 5 here on tiptoes with excitement to get you home. Get a good night's sleep with all our stateside comforts. See you soon. Love, Us.

Jake T. said...

Today is such a gift, especially for those who know Christ. We are called to use these days to fulfill the will of God, everyday is an opportunity to enhance the lives of the unsaved with the face of Jesus. Thanks for your sacrafice and commitment to furthering the kingdom of God.