Monday, October 29, 2012


Ready, set, stop! Fully loaded after weeks of intense, focused preparation. Every item carefully scrutinized for necessity, 28 suitcases, 13 overstuffed back packs, 13 people with congested schedules rearranged to accommodate a mission of mercy, to deliver a breath of fresh hope and help to a scathed and battered land. On the road at long last, final good-byes and well-wishers behind, a caravan of cars pressed south with precious cargo in tow, precious lives to touch in front, and incredible people inside to carry a message of hope and help. About two hours into our journey today, Hurricane Sandy rang in and cancelled our trip. She is big, and powerful, and out of control. Or should I say, in control. For when I consulted with American Airlines about when we could possibly fly, I was greeted with total impotence. In the course of just a few minutes our trip went from joyful excitement to candid questioning, to gentle despair. I have worked along side of great individuals across the course of my life, but as reality set in today that all our plans were washing away before their very eyes, I became aware that I was surrounded by a very classy group of Christians. It is great to witness people walking out their faith. This cancellation didn't affect a few people, but hundreds, and untold scores of hours, and hundreds of dollars, and mountains of details. After the first bout of bad news we drove a few miles and settled into a cozy Applebee's corner table to consider our plight and calculate what perhaps may be the new plan. The new plan as it was hammered out constituted returning home, integrating back into work schedules and postponing our trip for ten weeks. Life is this constant strain of articulating walking out the will of God, practicing our faith by stepping out, and responding when we get slammed back by circumstances beyond our control. We are left wondering who exactly is in control. But if we are truly submitted to God, and trusting Him with our lives, and He is actually in control, what else is left to do but trust and believe in spite of these unexplained perceived setbacks? This is our first trip fully cancelled. So many little things had come together in spite of ornery details, and yet God said not now! It's painful! Krystle didn't talk the entire drive back to Traverse City, the conversations on the phone with other team members were discussing many of the reasons God had stopped the trip. The point though is that God doesn't need a reason to stop us, He just can! He has a plan, a way that plan is to be fulfilled, and He drives us through that course, and simply asks us to follow. We are prone to second guess ourselves when things like this happen, as a team leader I feel responsibility to these amazing people who have put enough confidence in me to travel alongside of us as we endeavor to bring help and hope to the nation of Haiti. Did I miss something on the timing? Did I overlook something of the Divine? What happened? What happened was God moved the timeline. And godly people with us today cooperated in an unquestionably beautiful showing of faith and character that I will mark with deep appreciation in the course of my life, forever grateful to journey beside such endearing fellow sojourners! We will join again soon, to continue the rest of this journey we have been sent together on. We will not be dissuaded,  we will accomplish that for which we have been sent forth, and those who support us and are the wings upon which we ride, be assured tonight, we are in our saddles and ready to go! We are just waiting on the Commander in Chief of the Universe! Baby Klarissa is doing well this evening. Naromie is okay, but struggling in the healing process. Please keep them in your prayers. The team is safely all back home as well! Blessings to all, and thank you again for your support!


Anonymous said...

God’s providence is a marvel upon which theologians have expounded for centuries, a mystery with which every believer has wrestled, and a deep comfort to all faithful hearts. God always answers prayers: sometimes it’s “yes,” sometimes it’s “no,” and sometimes it’s “wait.” He never promises to give us all the answers. He also never promises to give us what we think we want, because He is too wise and loving for that. Yes, He understands our frail flesh and our feeble minds.

And so our plans, our intentions, our desires for Haiti were all derailed yesterday. Disappointing? Yes. Discouraging? Yes. Wearying? Yes. Faith doesn’t erase the cry of the heart that we share with the Psalmist. Honestly, we need your love and prayers right about now. However...however, God’s plans cannot be derailed and His promises are always true. Immediately after the treachery of our parents in the Garden, as the poison of sin was working its way in, He immediately promised a Seed, a Savior, to crush our mortal foe and be the perfect antidote. And His promise was true. He promised to build His church and advance it against Hell. And His promise was true. He promises to work all things out for the genuine good, His definition of the genuine good, of His children. How can this promise not be true? His mighty providence holds steady, holds Sandy, holds our destiny, and holds true. Praise be to God.

P.S. I just want to say that you all should be encouraged by the conduct yesterday of this mission team from three different churches in our area. It’s a beautiful thing when the people of God are united and when they love each other so gracefully during a difficult day like yesterday.

Di and Drew said...

We can only imagine the dissapointment & weariness that comes from this cancellation. But we are exhorted to more faithfulness ourselves as we watch our friends bear the sadness with so much trust & submission to God's timing. We wait with anticipation to see what God reveals about His perfect timing in this. And we look forward to see how he uses all of you in January.