Friday, October 28, 2016


We finally made it to the ocean today. I can report that for the most part, St. Marc was spared the cruelty of the full force of Hurricane Matthew. However, many ocean front property's were not. And they are the homes of the poor. We visited two where re-construction is either finished or close, we visited several other properties were devastation is too light of a word to begin to describe what happened. Its a wonder so many were spared. The ocean rose over 15'. We took many camera shots I wish I could share tonight. All that is left of one house is a couple sections of floor, a six room house that was home to six is totally gone. All traces of it are swallowed up in the deep, the ocean laid claim and in receding to it's normal level left its own foot print behind. Rocks from its bottom and loads of seashells have erased most hints of civilization. As if it really couldn't get any worse I look sideways only to discover the totally empty yard next door was a 5 room house for 6 people. It's one thing to look at pictures of this kind of devastation, it's another all together to stand in their presence and feel the loss, to see the stricken looks in their eyes, to hear them say the ocean has claim all they ever had. Because the south has suffered the larger hit, these folks will not get any aid, finality hung in the air like a thick fog. Many of these are older folks who have spent a lifetime building for the next generation and it's gone. Just simply gone. We have about $2000 US to share with them. Were getting help from our masons starting tomorrow to get a handle on what we can do. The house for the blind man is already done and he is moved back in. He was so happy as he sat perched on his bed and expressed his gratefulness. Another young couple with a baby and another on the way has their house almost back together. I'm grateful for those folks who have made this rebuilding possible, we will continue to aid in any ways we can. We went from the ocean front to Desdunes this afternoon, complete with bus delays and an over heating Toyota. But we pulled off a children's service for 250 kids. It went amazing. Tomorrow is tent repair day and children's service at our church locally, that will be 500 kids strong! The trip is going incredibly well, this team has talent and maturity that also aids in smooth operating on the ground. Thanks again tonight for all your support. Greetings from St. Marc.                                                                                                                                                                              

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DeAnn Gibbbons said...

Love you All! You're doing Good, literally! Happy Birthday to Dan! What a mile marker for you! I would love to see you all right now... Beth, Doyle, Krystle, Kelly, Dan, Abigail, Lee, Emma, Deloris and especially you Caeli! Don't make me cry! I'm sure you are feeling exhausted but still plunging forward and with so much love ! You are all awesome as you let God's awesomeness work through you! DeAnn