Thursday, October 27, 2016


Today was little Klarissa's birthday. This is Robinson and Naromie's 2nd oldest child and today she turned 4 today. The 7 ladies of our trip took off early to go to school with her and see her class mates. We do our best to intersect with all the venues of these kids lives to better understand the circumstances of their lives. The class work these kids do is actually quite stunning. The morning class of 4 year olds (they start school at 3 if the family can afford it) started with a litany of recitations, I didn't get to be there, but Beth told me it was incredible. Rob and our staff are being very diligent with our kids to get them a great education and build life skill sets that will give them good opportunities for the future. Our two oldest boys spent their week vacation with a male seamstress outside and just around the corner from the orphanage learning to sew. Nothing like vocational classes. We went and visited a sewing academy today and are now working on a plan for our two oldest girls Dina and Liline to be able to attend and graduate from the three year plan of the school director. The little school on the mountainside was amazing! A young couple stopped by this morning and the husband shared how 3 months ago he had bought a used motorcycle for $500 US, a month ago it was stolen, and from church no less! I'm thinking natural disasters should be enough for these dear people to deal with and then this... and at church no less. Most would blame God for their loss, quit church and be miserable. It is miserable, I could sense his loss and how they now don't have an income, but they didn't complain or ask me to fix the problem. He told me they just had to trust God. Haiti does strip away options. It's very black and white here. I felt bad that the young man didn't have a very versatile skill set, and told Rob it was good he was diversifying the kids. Robinson had to attend a funeral this afternoon and that caused an awkward gait to our afternoon plan, but the women's service went well and then we showed the movie "War Room". What a hit that was. It ran late so I sent the team back early while we wrapped up at the church. Tonight I sit here in the empty living room reflecting on the day and the sights and sounds. Paul said to be content with what you have, but I confess I wish I had more to give to these beloved, struggling souls. Then I was reminded of the apostles who declared "silver and gold have I none" and then in the power of Christ's name healed lame legs and caused the afflicted to rise and walk. I watched Krystle hop off the back of the Toyota this afternoon and a little boy caught her eye, she quickly covered the space between then and gave him a big warm hug. I remembered in that moment that money has never put it's arms around anyone and drew them in a warm embrace. A smile emerged on his small face, and some disbelief as well. Can a hug change a world, I'm not sure about that, but a hug can change a life, and that life can change the world. "Such as we have, we give", as the fishes were multiplied by the Master to feed the thousands, so we reckon our accounts before God to give all of what we can, and let Him do the multiplying... it always seems to be just enough. Time to end and get some rest. The rooster will begin in just two more hours, I need some rest before he sounds the alarm and wakes up the rest of the neighborhood! Blessings from St. Marc tonight!

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Jake T said...

Oh to be on the back of the Truck in the basket, interacting with the people. This post cements my desire to join the team on next falls trip. It's so remarkable what affect a loving embrace came proclaim. To feel special when the world around you is seemingly beating you down. Gives some hugs to those kids from the "Gran Blan". Praying for you all daily, thank you for your kingdom service. You probably can't even comprehend the extent of your efforts.
John 12:26 If anyone serves me, he must follow me; and where I am, there will my servant be also. If anyone serves me, the Father will honor him.