Saturday, April 8, 2017


    Another day full of adventures and God’s handiwork. We have our normal routine in the mornings of getting ready, eating breakfast, devotions, etc. There were a couple of people visiting this morning and I made coffee for all of us to drink while we sat around talking. We took off for what turned out to be a morning around town. First, we picked up Pastor Martylus’ wife from a doctors visit as she just had her second baby (taken by C-Section) 9 days ago. Next, we stopped by the eye clinic to pick up Otelson. Mom and I both noticed his eyes were very red and he couldn’t stop rubbing them yesterday. We suspected pink eye and were proven correct when the doctor saw him. The amazing thing to me is this. Robinson took Otelson to the clinic at 6:30 this morning so he could be one of the first in line. He waited with one of the ladies who helps at the orphanage and was just getting called back to see the doctor at 11:00 when we got there. It took over 5 hours for this 11 year old to be diagnosed with pink eye and given a prescription for eye drops. Can you even imagine? I had to laugh as Robinson walked Otelson back up to the registration desk when his name was called and the nurse asked if this was his son. Robinson replied that he was and she asked him how old he was. Robinson couldn’t remember and looked down at Otelson who replied he thought he was 12. The nurse scolded Rob, saying that he really should know his own child’s age to which Rob replied, ‘I do my best but I have 11 children!’. Really, can you imagine doing doctors visits for 11 children when it takes 4-6 hours each time? We are so blessed. I know it is easier to say that when I am here being forced to watch it, feel it, and breathe it in but I pray God will help me keep this unique perspective that only this kind of environment can inspire. The weight of it comes crashing down on you like a freight train. In a life like this, reality forces perspectives hand.
    Our last stop of the day was a 20 minute drive out to our new church property! I have been so excited to see it as on our last trip in the fall, only the guys were able to go with Rob to scope it out. We parked, ran across the busy street and met the original owner who took us on a guided tour of the road, surrounding area and finally our very own property! It is beautiful. A good ways back from the road and completely uncultivated and untouched. As we stood there and Rob started pointing to different areas, telling us where everything was going to be, I turned a page and ended the last chapter of the first book in what I hope to be a very long series in my mind. Sometimes, you dread finishing a book and just want it to go on forever, but sometimes the book is so exciting, there are so many things left to discover, you can hardly wait to pick up the next one. That is how this feels to me. I was hesitant about a change this big in the ministry before coming but as soon as I set foot on that property, you can feel the power. A piece of property isn’t magic and won't do anything in and of itself but a piece of property being used to bring glory to the Lord? That will transform lives. Six or seven children ran down from a house not too faraway to come and see us. After taking some pictures, Rob translated for Mom who told them that we were going to be their new neighbors. That there is going to be a beautiful church built here for everyone to come to. Their eyes were just shining. God has provided us with a whole new area of people who are hungry for His presence in their hearts. It is amazing. And did I mention that our property is practically on a mountain? We are literally going to  be ‘The church on the mountain’, which I think is the best part yet! Help us pray over every area of this property and the ministry God is working to expand!
    The rest of our day was wonderful as well. A bit quieter so that everyone could recover from the first two days! Lots of movies, snuggles, coloring and crafts. We ended the night with a popcorn and jellybean bonanza while watching Moana out in the courtyard. Now it is time for us to rest our eyes before jumping into another day of it tomorrow! Blessings always.



Anonymous said...

Hi Beth & Krystle, -So excited to read your blog. What busy & productive days you are having. Hope you are sleeping like babies at night. Ps. 62-"Wait silently, my soul, on God alone, for my expectation is from Him." Really warm & nice here. Can't believe next Sunday is Easter. So wanting to hear you share more when you get home. Trust you'll have great services on the morrow. Be praying while we go to hear your sweetheart here. Missing you but keeping busy & contented. Love you loads, Mother & Gram. XXOO.

Anonymous said...

So exciting! When I see the property it always makes me think of Pastor Rob's words when he was asked what his his goals were for the property and he said "first we will give them water and then we will give them living water". We are so excited to see all that God is going to do! Would you wish Rob a belated Happy Birthday for us! We would have loved to hear all the speeches! Thanks for the updates we are enjoying your blogs! Hugs to all! Blessings, Rick and Karen

Abigail Kohler said...

Actual tears. So many beautiful hearts bringing the transforming power of love to a broken land. How blessed I am to hear testimony and bear witness to these miracles. So much love for you all.