Wednesday, November 12, 2014


We are officially on our way home. This day was truly in Haitian form. The bus arrived but it turns out the driver was a little shifty. We had used him before, however since then things have apparently changed. We had to stop twice for gas, and then we had to stop at a security checkpoint and it turned out he was delinquent on his papers. True to his great feature set in his country, Robinson resolved the crisis, and we proceeded on our way. A trip that normally takes an hour and a half took us three hours. Rob was so disgusted with the driver he paid him and sent him back without him. He took a taxi to the bus station and is headed home on public transportation. I was pretty disgusted myself. Because we always figure to be at the airport three hours early, we made it in plenty of time. But we arrived at our gate later than we ever have. Now climbing up through the sky, enjoying the cool air falling on me, the stickiness of the last few days is drying and I'm trying to condition myself for the cold I will face tomorrow. By Friday morning I will be working outside again in conditions radically different than here. It's amazing how the body adjusts to the radical changes it gets subject too. And that brings me to my pondering thought. We see a lot of country between our run from St. Marc to Port. You see all kinds of sights and smell all kinds of smells. Not all is bad, but the good is swallowed whole by the vast amount of desolation. I watched as we passed a group of school children heading home up through a rugged country side, I wonder how they do it day after day. If ever people had a reason to choose an early exit, these surely would be at the top. But instead they are survivors. We learned our little Guerline (pictured in March between Krystle and Emma) endured a terrible and tragic death at the hands of the Typhoid Fever. She had a burn on her stomach that was so bad the pain drove her out of her mind before she succumbed to death. At first glance one declares God unfair, cruel, and unjust to let such a thing happen to such a sweet and gentle spirit, she was Krystle's age, she was part of an ongoing tragic loss we have suffered through in our Haiti work, and we lost her this summer. But our loss is only momentary, we sowed the seed and today I trust like our mission here this time, her young life was long enough, and her fiery death gave way to a place of peace, security, and love without end. God's plan and timing are impeccable, and each life, wherever that life is planted on this realm of our reality, whether it's the U.S. or Haiti, He is accomplishing great good, even in spite of the genuine evil that exists. Up here the sky is all the same at 36,000 feet. One day we will all discover the justice and mercy of God was shared equally among men, even when we are convinced sometimes here his judgement is impaired. I spoke from the amazing passage of scripture Sunday that is John 3:16. At 50 years old it is becoming a new rallying point for me. Loaded with theology, and redemption for all, I understand God is working all things for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose on an even greater plateau. My weeks in Haiti are not easy for me, I go because I am sent, I love the people, but the Island has a very harsh edge to it. God continues to thrust me out of my comfort zone, I follow His bidding. As I slip along the jet stream, as I flew to a people I loved a few days ago, I fly along now back to a people I love. It's a checks and balance thing for me, pursuing the will of God to rescue and save that which is lost. No regrets. Leave behind no regrets. Live and love your life in God, bask in what you have rich or poor materially, for we are rich in soul, something my Haitians have taught me well. My soul, and those who have travelled with us this trip have been stirred and moved once again as we have labored in the whitened harvest field, sowing faith, and hope, and love, I believe these are the indestructible things that will outlast time itself. So the road of time makes a bend ahead, I cannot see which way it goes, but I am confident in our Captain. I am certain of this journey. I am securely in the palm of God's hand. Blessings from the homeward flight path.

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