Tuesday, November 11, 2014


We are up and heading into the final push of our final day. The countdown in on! It's going to be a special day for the orphans as Beth's dream of getting them bikes has become a reality. She has diligently prayed in the $50 a bike for a long time, it was amazing how God provided right at the wire. The final money arrived the day before we left, and she had given up hope that it would happen this trip! Never underestimate how much God cares about the little things. Ray, Bob, and Deloris are off to get organized for the day, the rest will follow in a bit. I loaded up some photos last night and began my own decompressing. So much gets stuffed inside you on these trips and it takes a while for it to begin it's outward flow. But as I scanned through our photos from just one camera last night this is another show stopping moment, frozen in time to be revisited, to remind us what this is all about. Painting walls, building buildings, feeding the masses, buying the bikes, distributing clothing, giving fresh water... it's all about the people, it's all about the relationships, it's all about God at work in His creation to rescue, to save, to deliver on His own terms. I stare at a photo like this and ponder this little life, starvation has etched it's deadly brush strokes into her frame, what is her chance of survival? What kind of life will she live, will she ever leave the mountain? What has this momentary connection accomplished? Perhaps a thread of hope woven into her delicate heart will grow, and seed planted will find good soil, and this tender soul will race without abandon to her Creator, and what had appeared to be a purposeless life, God will show to us one day, and reprimand us for having such little faith, and such a darkened understanding of His ways. So I leave you with that thought for this day, the pondering of my heart as I lay my hands to the final tasks we will do this trip. Pray we finish well, that we have enough strength, that we serve without abandon, caring not for ourselves but only the mission we have been sent to do! God bless you this incredible day He has gifted each of us with!


Jake T said...

2 Tim. 4:7
7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful.

Blessings on the tasks and duties of your final day in Haiti. May the Lord go before you and give you all the strength to endure and finish strong.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jack & all the team. All is fine here. Stories to tell & be glad to hear all yours. Have a safe trip home. Hugs for each one. Love, Me

Alisa Gallo said...

Sounds like a lot to process! Glad you've all been able to accomplish so much! You'll be glad to know that the snow has pretty much melted! We are praying for the tough part of this trip.... Saying goodbye for now.... Know that you have made an impression on the hatians! I'm sure God is pleased! I love you all..... Blessings to you all!

Anonymous said...

Hello Haiti team! Hard to believe you are leaving already! Hugs to all! Praying for your safe trip home. Excited to hear the rest of the story! Blessings, Rick and Karen