Sunday, November 9, 2014


How do you say tired in English? Wait… I guess this is in English! Lee took off in Creole in her introduction at the service this morning and the Haitians went wild. After teaching Creole in the Sates for the last 8 weeks, I could tell Claudy, who was translating for us, was proud as punch of his student! The humidity went off the charts today! We started out our Sunday morning way too early. The blog I wrote last night finished at about 12:40 am. I had just fallen asleep when the generator quit at 1:21 am. I realized that team Captain Robinson after having been up all night for the long night prayer service, having not slept in over 40 hours was not going to awaken to put in more gas. The rain I mentioned in the last blog had the effect of raising the humidity so high the Haitians are complaining! I knew there would be no sleep until the generator was running again. After filling the tank and getting back to bed, sleep decided I was no longer a likely candidate. Somewhere around 3:00 am I must have drifted off. We scampered around to get ready and headed to church. Kelly had been hit with something that put him down for the day, but he went with us and laid in the American bathroom on the shower floor. Everyone really basked in the worship time with the Haitian Christians. It’s a very powerful and moving experience. I know I have shared this before, but this church has see real fire, it has stayed the course, and the commitment to pray is nothing like I have witnessed in my lifetime. A mother came forward and shared a story how God had spared her son in a car accident. Her emotion and gratitude were palpable, and she made clear no one was to get the glory but God! We spent the afternoon with some resting, and some cleaning and organizing in the boys Orphanage room, and Rob, Claudy, and I ran errands. We met at Claudy’s church with his pastor and a couple of board members to scope out another project at his own church. It was a great meeting of kindred hearts, and we are looking at ways to offer help. We had a little paint project to tend to in order to be able to complete the steps Wednesday morning before we head home. We will do the final coat of paint on Tuesday, but the changes today had more than the house glowing, it has the Orphans and our staff in utter delight. Smiles couldn’t be removed. Tomorrow is travel day, we go to pass out candy and re-enact the David and Goliath story on the dusty streets of Desdunes. It promises to be another great day in Haiti. It’s rather hard to believe we are closing out day 5 already. I must confess I made a discovery today that tore at my heart more than any trip into Haiti in a very long time. I am not sure what to do about it, and I have to be careful on this blog, but pray for God to intervene, and pray His will is done. We wrapped out the evening giving the orphans their new cloths, and what an experience that was. Our newest little one name Begoson was all about trying on his new clothes and tennis shoes. We are grateful to be able to stand along beside this work and support. So many out there have contributed, and tonight on behalf of the people of Haiti, we say thank you. It’s time to close, blessings this Sunday evening!


Jake T said...

For though the mountains should depart and the hills be shaken or removed, yet My love and kindness shall not depart from you, nor shall My covenant of peace and completeness be removed, says the Lord, who has compassion on you. ~ Isaiah 54:10

He is always right there encouraging and empowering you all. Sounds like the conditions have been rough, i will pray that you are sent some heavenly relief there. I hope this day is filled with many triumphs and awesome wonderful things for you all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Team
All is well. Miss you-especially Jack hug for each one -Been praying Love DJP

The McNeils said...

Hello Bergs, What a wonderful group of people you have there. So much work being accomplished. It's amazing!.Thank you for bringing it alive to us in your blogs. God's blessings on your remaining time there and your trip home..

Dave and Kristie McNeil