Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Tonight the house walls echo with laughter, for they are being pummeled with the sound of many voices in a unique symphony. I wrote the post about chantè last night about singing voices in harmony, tonight it's voices in the cadence of joy and relationship. The team intermingling with the children, playing with them, teaching new games, and learning the language of the heart that even in the states often we don't get. Smiles abound in droves, eyes sparkle with life and happiness, peace reigns, and joy radiates like the Carribean sun. Did I say this is a great team, and in so many ways we feel empowered by Ray's memory. We brought a magnificent little projector this trip and last night we showed pictures up on the orphanage wall and listened to the responses as memories were triggered by the photos glowing bright in the dark Haitian night. It's a strange twist in the States where we drive all emotion into a straight jacket, and well we should on some levels, for our lives must not be driven by them. But here, in this raw place, even a proper emotional straight jacket cannot fully restrain them. They find the cracks in the armor much like the amazing transforming Octopus, and wiggle out unexpectedly. This morning as we left the mission house, Rob made a different turn, and I asked where we were going? He said, "I am looking for some information". Abruptly he put the Toyota in park in the middle of a strange open area by some concrete walls, got out, and walked away. He vanished through one of the openings and suddenly appeared with a child in tow. It was little Richie, Jake's other school boy. In a blink, for Jake it all came real as he looked squarely into the little eyes of his boy who greeted him in English no less. Tears flowed as Richie thanked him for helping him, the gratefulness in the air created its own atmosphere. It set the tenor for the day. The painter started early this morning with a three man crew and blew through most of the downstairs. I think the house will be fully painted by the weekend. And it turns out that we have had plenty to fill our time. We made arrangements with a dentist in town for Dan to set up shop and pull three teeth of one of Rob's nephews who we have supported in school through the years. He has been here every trip to help us, and has been struggling with teeth broken off at the top and the roots left in place by practicing dentists. He has suffered for three years with this condition. It turns out this is a common practice in Haiti, dentistry in the rough. It makes me wonder how many die when the infection goes septic in their systems. Fortunately for Peterson, he gets delivered Thursday at noon! The day has been filled with lots of beautiful moments. This country sits perched on an unknown moment, the new president as a result of the elections Sunday is to be announced momentarily. They have cancelled school for the week which has been a huge blessing. We have had the joy of being with them almost all day long, I can tell the kids are happy, and the team is ecstatic. They have been an energetic bunch to match the energy of the kids. We have had full on wrestling taking place between the Americans, I hope the guys can get out of bed in the morning and haven't pulled something. The kids were howling with glee taking in the madness. Tonight my Mechanic delivered a rebuilt Honda generator that I brought parts for, and on the first pull, it was running, and running like a top. It looked brand new. I was stunned to say the least. I knew this man had talent, but this brought things to a new level. This is a man who when I started working with him was not attending church, but now, after all these years has found God and hope again. Another orphan who has found home! Time is moving much faster than on earlier trips, I'm still trying to figure out why, but perhaps I have found a Haiti groove where time has begun to be compressed even as I enter this land of the forsaken. The relationship ties that bind have multiplied, and my vision has broadened, so the clock has shrunk, and as have the hours, minutes, and seconds. Off to shed the days accumulation of sweat and dirt, and to get rest for tomorrow. Data is fixed, as is the router, so now the Americans feel a little more connected. A happy team makes for happy team leader. Blessings to all and good night!


Lynn Bissett said...

Thank you for the daily updates!. You will all continue to be in my prayers throughout the week. More hugs to Lee and Emma, please.

Lynn Ellis said...

Love this post, Kel! I feel like I'm there. You do a fantastic job at writing in such a way I can taste, smell, and hear HAITI! Pure love. So proud of you all. Tell mom I actually talked to dad for like 15 whole minutes today....lol....maybe she needs to travel more often. Jk. He's doing well but misses her like crazy. :) he's enjoying all the animals. I was so happy to hear that Dan was able to fix Petersons teeth. Made me cry. So grateful. Give my love to all of Haiti. And here's hugs and kisses for my favorite mommy, sister, neice and nephew. Love and prayers to the entire team.