Sunday, November 8, 2015


I’ve said it before; tears are the cleansing agent of the soul. Today was the day of tears. Whether you cried on the outside, or cried on the inside, you cried. Some tears of joy, some tears of sorrow, but tears all the same. It really was the complete day. We started out early for church, and the place was more packed than I have ever witnessed. Two of our team tried their hand at Creole, and Lee took the dive and went all the way to the finish line. She spoke her whole introduction in Creole, and became the instant sensation! We spoke on the Leader Servant today, and for the first time experienced what I call dynamic translation. I told the people I felt it was the most important thing I have shared with them to date. When church was over we came back to the mission house and changed, went to the orphanage where the afternoon and evening were spent in hours of play and final clean up from the week of our invasion. And it really is an invasion. All our luggage and all the food, all the supplies,  there is literally stuff every where. But things thinned out through the week and by the end here it was pretty well sifted into proper places. The house now gleams from the street, it’s the best looking house for at least a mile either way of the main road. The added strain of the day is the realization that this is the last day here. In spite of slogging through the muddy waters of the emotions of this day, everyone really enjoyed today. Perhaps there was one glimmer that had everyone longing just a little for home, it was the fact it was so terribly hot. The warmest day on the ground here this trip. But the show went on, and the hours swept by. Jake shared with the young adults this afternoon, and did an excellent job. Part of the team ganged up on Peterson, the boy whose teeth Dan pulled. He’s a great and special kid, but really lost. Dan asked at one point if this really mattered to try to help him. We love this boy deeply, he’s full of charisma, and life, but executes poor life choices. And before you get too judgmental, his life has been really tough. Krystle, Kelly, Dan, Rob and Claudy sat an poured out their hearts to him tonight. Dan really saved his life this week, well God did through his efforts, and they finally helped him to see how much we really do love him. Tonight was genuinely tender, Peterson came to tell us good-bye, tears flowing down his face, I could tell he was trying to be tough, but love has cracked his Haitian hardened heart, and I am anticipating great things out of this boy. If we can get Peterson, I think we are going to win many of these young men around us. He’s a special key to a passage into the hearts of many. I will fill in more details tomorrow as we fly. All are tucked safely into their bug tents for a few hours of rest before we hit the road at 5:00 am, and commence our travels back out and home. Pray for a safe journey, and pray the seeds sown this week by these great travelers will bring a beautiful harvest of hope! Blessings on this final night from St. Marc.

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