Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Interruptions are a normal part of a Haitian day. You only have to wonder at what the severity of the interruption will be. So after our devotional time this morning while waiting for Robinson to fix a paint deal gone bad, we climbed aboard the Toyota and headed for the orphanage, and other pre-determined destinations. We didn’t make it 200’ before I knew we had our first serious interruption commencing. A burning smell filled the interior of the car at the same time the temperature inside also began to climb. I had Robinson shut down the AC and we finished driving to the orphanage. I had him call our talented mechanic, and the itinerary for the day washed out. Well, not quite, but our time lines were altered as were a few of our plans. The news was not what I wanted, and several hours and $300.00 dollars later, we are back in our trusty vehicle. I say Haiti has helped me with perspective, I spent my first journey into Haiti for eight days learning this lesson. But apparently God sees fit to send me though this training each trip so I don’t forget the perspective adjustment. I could have seen this as a set back for our team, instead I see it as great timing for a breakdown. As I contemplate the Sovereignty of God and His ultimate hand of control on everything good and bad, I see now that the vehicle is going to have a problem, and better it has it while I’m here, than after I am gone. Needless to say, the AC is working great, and we’re back in business, this interruption is behind us. We issued a contract for the carpenter to build some more shelving for the orphanage today, the painting was finished downstairs and they started the upstairs today. It looks amazing. And we have had many other things happening that have filled our moments here. The children’s service was at 3:00 this afternoon, and Lee did an exceptional job with the Red Sea story. Moses (me) and Pharaoh (Dan) had our standoff, and at the parting of the Red Sea, the children erupted in a cheer. It was one of those unforgettable moments in amongst the tattered and starving children, free of video games and on demand video, where imagination meets reality and it was a story telling and skit exacting wonder! At one point I looked sideways and almost all 500 kids were on their feet. Mind you, we are not trained actors, but for a moment, we felt like superstars. Well…as far as I’m concerned, this is a team of superstars…but for the sake of real acting, we leave a lot to be desired! Beth taught on “The Power of the Praying Wife” book for over 100 wives tonight, and the result was they are asking for more teaching on it. A visiting Pastor asked her to open it up to all the area churches the next time she comes to teach. I wondered in the midst of such a praying church how this material would translate, but tonight, the answer lies again in the response. Through our own personal trauma I have learned prayer need to be specific, and that often we pray to non specifically, or we pray to our own advantage. We could all stand a few lessons on how to pray on target. We are feeding on average 40 at both lunch and dinner. Tonight Emma and Krystle cooked while Beth and the other ladies attended the workshop with her. I will try to post up some pics tomorrow. A surprise for the night as we arrived back at the mission house is that for the first time in about a year, they turned on the power. They are supposed to be announcing the election winners tomorrow, so tonight they woo the people to calm by giving power. Corruption in at its finest attire. We will see what tomorrow holds! Good night and blessings!

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