Saturday, October 29, 2016


Today was clinic day. Dr. Dan, Krystle and Abigail were on the road early to get a good start on treating 3 patients today. Kimberline, Solomon and Christianne our Mission house mother all got some kind of dentistry fix today. This is a blessing beyond belief, at one point in the treatment this morning Dan said he was taken back to realize he was practicing with 60 year old methodology. I can let him get into the finer points of that sometime, but for now it substantiates how rudimentary Haiti remains as a culture in some of the key points of human care. Kelly and I hit the church property with focus and determination, and by 2:00 had the patch repair done on the big tent which had been ripped earlier this year and we took down the tied up remains of our old children's tent, dug out poles and with some Haitian and American ingenuity managed to raise the new children's tent. It looks awesome. The rest of the crew spent the day with the orphans playing games and getting in quality time with our kids. This week was examination week, so they were all pretty busy studying and prepping for their tests. Many schools were off yesterday as it was a new holiday celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Creole being made the National language of the country last year instead of French. It rained in the night and instead of washing the humidity, it amplified it as often happens here. I'm not complaining in any way, but it was a scorcher today. Rob and I ran out quick to the grocery store for Hot Dogs and Buns, as well as butter for a meal tomorrow, it took us just under an hour and a half. Its hard to believe we are only left with two days on the ground here. This trip has been a little different for me, I'm still receiving feedback on my social media class from early in the week. I'm grateful we seem to keep making breakthroughs with the Haitian culture. It has been a great and rewarding trip. My enthusiasm remains high, but tonight my body is whipped. We hit church early in the morning, we have a school kids meeting tomorrow afternoon, plus several other loose ends to stitch up before we head back home. I know we are in an election year in our country, all things political stack our mail boxes and have put a noose around the news. But remember this tonight, God is still alive and well, and as long at He tarries and supplies blood to time, He is in control. We are witness to some amazing miracles this week, one thing Haiti has taught me is no government is safe from corruption. But God will never be corrupted, or bankrupt, He will not be stopped from what He is doing via any man or woman. Haiti is a checkpoint to me, I test my level of surrender here. Unfortunately I often come up short, but thankfully God has my back. On that note, I need to call it quits for tonight, time for some rest. Grateful in St. Marc. Blessings to all!


DeAnn Gibbons said...

Was so happy to see pictures of the group there!! I think I was expecting to see overwhelmed exhausted faces behind the smiles. I see bright joyful eyes. But then, when you're working so hard for God, you can be in the most horrific circumstances and still be filled with joy !!! Love you all !!! DeAnn

Anonymous said...

Hello Haiti team,
Thank you for serving, and for keeping us up to date. Wow it is hard to believe that you will be home soon time has flown by!
God is amazing and encourages our hearts and souls to hear all that he is doing through all of you! Our heartstrings share the joy of your stories and we to miss our friends from Haiti they always inspire us and warmer hearts. Please tell Rob and family the kids and the guys that are helping hi and that we miss them, sending hugs to all of you and all of them! May God bless you all for your willingness to go to an uncomfortable place like Haiti and make a difference, and lay your lives down for your friends.
Blessings,Rick and Karen

Lynn Ellis said...

So much love to each one of you tonight! Continually praying for each of you! Loving every update and picture! Cannot wait to hear all the stories and see pics of so many precious moments! Huge hugs! ❤️❤️❤️