Monday, March 28, 2011


Day one has past, but not in Haiti where we had planned to be experiencing it! One good thing about constant setbacks, after a while you become accustomed to them happening. That may sound a little pessimistic, but I actually don't mean that. The testing of our faith works patience, and as patience grows, so does our tolerance to the ever changing landscape of our ministry and lives. And as I experience these scenarios, I gain more faith that it is not the 'devil in the details' but 'God in the details'! He has purpose and design to all He allows and disallows in our lives, the sooner we stop fighting those things, the quicker we gain balance to our walk of faith. To fight them wastes our energy and distracts our attention from where our focus is meant to be. Working with the Haitians, and more specifically Robinson, I see this more clearly with every passing day. So today was quiet, with special team sharing times. This is going to be a good week no matter what happens. The circumstances behind all the preparations is divine, and God is in charge of this trip. Whatever He means to accomplish, He will. My spirit is calm tonight. Morning looms just five short hours away, but we are ready. We will rise at 2:30 am, quickly get a few things together, get the 26 suitcases out to the front of the motel with all our 11 day packs, deliver our vehicles to the parking lot, load our transit buses, we will travel to the AA terminal, check in, and move through security, all under the direction of the Divine. This is not our orchestra, it's His, we are the instruments playing, and we just need to work on staying in tune! So as we shared today, our instruments became more tuned to each other, and it was good. As we carry 'His Hope' to these wonderful people, harmony is important, and we have a harmony that is special. Not more special than any other group, but a harmony specific to this team and trip. Pray for safety in the air and smooth transitions through each of the airports and flights tomorrow, for a safe trip up to St. Marc, and that we stay healthy! Time to end this post, and time for bed, this will be a short night! Thanks for following, and thanks for all the prayers! Blessings always!


Michelle Cary said...

Praying for all of you.

Luke said...

I'll second that :) I have Life Group with my Asian Brothers and Sisters and we'll be praying for you there. Sleep well my friends, it's been a long day and in the morning God will use you and open in your eyes to even more than what you've seen today. I'll sleep with an extra pillow tonight in your remembrance ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone Headed for Haiti;
So sorry that you have had a bad start, but hopefully the Lord will give
you all the strength and courage to carry on. I'm sure that it was very
disappointing not to be able to leave as you had planned. Sometimes there
are reasons why things happen. The Lord knows best.

Everything is going good here. The weather has been frigid, but that's
not new. Maybe one of these days it will warm up and we will have a big
thaw. ha!ha!

God Bless You all on your journey. I pray little Vladimir will continue
to get better. He has had such a struggle from the beginning really, but
again the Lord has His reasons for things happening.

Take Care. Love you all, Jo Hasse

Anonymous said...

I decided I would prepare the girls for the rooster crowing..... Payton got woke up at 6am though by the father rooster.
(rooster crowing) er er er er errr

Krystle watch out for my friend the cockroach!

Love you all Jim

Gallo Family said...

Looking forward to hearing that you have made it safely.... I know you did, just nice hearing it. Hope you get some sleep, figure out all the sleeping arrangements.... Tell Robinson Hello for me! And Tell George too... of course I could go on and on. Dad you have to finally share your airmattress :) Glad you have Deloris there.... I think that's the best part to me. That you both got to be together! I love what Haiti has done for us all. You don't get it until you go.... but People think we do so much for Haiti, it's the other way around though. Hope you enjoy you first night. and YES we have a rooster crowing in our house.... I think it's on drugs too ;) I love you All! till tomorrow.......

Eric said...

Pastor Doyle,

I really agree with your perspective on God being in the details. Not just the details of a mission trip, but the everyday details of our lives. He cares for us so deeply. This is something I need to be constantly reminded of. My God continue to guide, direct and bless all you you. Nancy and I continue to pray for your provision and protection.


Eric & Nancy Send

Anonymous said...

Am preparing to wind down for the day and I start my regular check to see if any news is posted. I'm sure your all exhausted at this point of the night. A long day of travel and for one a new surrounding and for others a return to a country filled with beautiful people amongst devastation. I've been reflecting upon my own experiences in Haiti today and am thankful to serve such a wonderful, loving Savior. Am praying that all are doing well. Hopefully no sleep talking or walking this trip since my boys arent there but I do look forward to hearing of other strange things!!!! LOL Love to you all and many many prayers too! Niche'

Luke said...

Praying for you all this morning.