Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The day is finally coming to a close. We prepare tediously around this day. We make good plans, and execute as well as we can, and yet we still get tested. American Airlines changed baggage rates Feb. 10th. It is so frustrating when my greatest struggle in helping in Haiti seems to be on American soil at the airline terminal. I know that is not fully true, but at times it sure feels that way. We made it through with an added $160.00, passed through security, and had smooth flights. We arrived on time, and went through customs without an issue. A bright spot was that as we were trying to get the bags together, I heard a familiar voice and turned to see Robinson inside the terminal there to guide us out! What strings he had to pull, I’ll never know, but it made for a very easy exit with the team. There was less yelling and prodding and arguing, and my helper at the airport, a one armed man named Jackson got his pay for he and his men and gave me a hug! I was so grateful, I almost wept on the spot. One thing that alarmed me as we were coming in for the landing is the actual increase in the amount of tents and tent cities around Port. It is stunning. Fifteen months after the earthquake and it seems worse. These people are getting next to nothing for help. Yet they carry on in the midst of their suffering with a resolve that seriously puts mine to shame. The ride up to St. Marc was uneventful for the most part. We arrived at the house just before dark, and set to gather up the items necessary for our first night. That is where we met a bit of frustration again, as the house was a sweat box, people were hungry, the house was full of people, Naromie, her mom, a friend from Desdunes and her son were all ill. Adalaine has an ear infection; the stove would not cooperate and light, we ordered some bread only to not have enough, and had to send for more. When we finally got over to the property, there was a small miscommunication and we didn’t have an air pump for the mattresses. The ‘All in a day’ saying was an understatement for this day. Karen shared a short devotional on ‘bringing every thought captive’, and I think we all failed on this at some moment today! Now most are asleep, exhausted, but so grateful to be here. God has once again provided, and I am certain this week will be filled with ministry opportunities. Pray we are able to be the hands and feet of Jesus. No matter where we are, that is our job. It is a delight to be with our Haitian friends once again, we look forward to the day tomorrow. The weather was a little mild for a bit when we first arrived, but was short lived! It takes a couple of days to adjust, so we will have to grind our way through it! We’ll see how everyone does! Exhausted, but grateful from St. Marc. The picture is... you guessed it, baby Vladimir, as it turns out he likes us white people!!! Blessings tonight.


Anonymous said...

Praying for you guys lots! Glad you are in safe and sound. I long to be with you but know that will come at a different time. I am so excited for all the stories I know you will share when you come home. Tell everyone I said hello and give hugs for me. Especially the Orphans. I miss them a lot! Love you all bunches!!!

This one is for Krystle....
I had a shamrock shake....
No se pa pa ou
Se P'am
Sorry you know I had to find some excuse to use that phrase. Hope your translating is going well....and I am thinking you should charge those white people... you could come back with some serious dough! I miss you!
Lots of Love

Alisa said... I just typed a 10 page note to you all and I lost it! UGH... OK I'll try again... Maybe it was God's way of telling me it was too much! :)

I almost felt like I was there with you all when I read about your first night.... I remember each of my 1st nights... I Prayed a LOT for you guys last night (Tues) knowing it is such an exhausting day and then to have complications when you finally get to set up beds... Thank Rob for the text to your mom! I was at ease knowing you were with the family! Thank you for showing the Love to these amazing people! Vladimir is absolutely adorable! kiss those chubby cheeks for me! I miss chatting with you after I get out of work Dad and you too Beth... Deloris I almost sent you an email today checking on how your week was going.... I hope you got to go to the orphanage already! Praying for an amazing first kids day..... Beth & Krystle tell my little Gertrude Hi..... Doyle Thank you for the great writing as always! I look forward to following you the rest of the week~ I love you all!!!!!