Sunday, March 27, 2011


What a day! Many do not know that a huge fire did massive damage at the Miami airport last Wednesday, and has canceled out hundreds of flights. We checked this afternoon before we left and the flights were all still on. We made it an hour down the road and the first leg of our journey was canceled. We pulled over and Deloris spent 45 minutes with AA and finally we had flights on Tuesday for 7 of us and Wednesday for the Reyhl's. We decided to forge ahead not certain of what God was doing, but trusting anyway. We met up with the whole team in Ann Arbor this evening for a bite to eat and discuss strategy with the changes. (Not that we are in control of any of it!) We made another call and now we are all back together again scheduled on a flight out Tuesday! We extended our stay one day returning next Tuesday. We are reminded every trip that this is a struggle of epic proportions, for our Haitian family it is a struggle for life itself, for us it is a struggle that tests our resolve. Our struggle is the lesser of the two, and I am reminiscent again tonight that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers of the air! We are reminded at every turn of our incapability and finiteness, but at those moments we turn to find an infinite and unswerving gracious God who will cause His plans to prevail. I am not sure what tomorrow holds, but I am sure of who holds tomorrow! As we write tonight, we are all settled in, the suitcases are safely stored behind the front desk of the hotel, and we have a little time to catch up on some much needed rest before we commence the journey to St. Marc. I'm not fully certain of the reason for the delay or why, I found out a couple of days ago there is a national strike in Haiti on Monday, everything will be closed. I was not too happy with the situation because if anything would have happened our recourse's would have been very limited or perhaps non-existent. Whatever the reason, it is His reason, and we are simply trusting that. Pray as we go forward, we do have limited time, and hope to prevail in spite of the setbacks. So now to rest a while! Joyful in the journey! Blessings tonight!


Luke said...

Good morning my friends! Course you're probably reading this at night :) I just wanted to express what an inspiration you all are to me. "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good new!" Know that I'll be praying for this team throughout the week while you're down serving and also upon your return, for often that is the hardest of times. How great it was to see and eat with everyone. Ray and Deloris, thanks for blessing me with a chance to eat dinner with me family, great is your reward. Go forth in His strength my Brothers and Sisters.


Gallo Family said...

To the Haiti Team! Once again you were tested.... and who will win... God will overcome! Just like heading into a Hurricane, your heading into the unknown of Haiti... but have no fear.... Your God has gone before you! I'm sure no one will sleep well tonight, as you prepare for your long day tomorrow! Know that you are being carried in prayer! We love you all! Jim and I were able to chat with Parnel on facebook tonight... sort of cool... since we won't get to chat with any of them! Give out big hugs from us all! I already started Grandma with her daily reading from the Great Pastor Doyle! :) I love you all! From the home front doing my job.... Alisa :)