Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Sort, sort, sort. But it does seem to get easier every trip. The suitcases are now re-organized and the restless are walking downtown to wear off some energy playing basket ball at the town court. They are probably going to get taken to the cleaners, but oh well! Live and learn, right?! We were up early this morning. 6:00 am to be more specific. It gets bright and busy here so early. The sounds of Haiti filled my ears through the night, I never wondered were I was at as I slept. We got up and put our bedding away, and helped put the tent back in order with all the benches so it was ready for noon prayer. And no, I am not talking about a 15 second prayer before you eat, nor a 3-minute devotion prayer, I am talking a three hour all out assailing of the heavenly for divine intervention and deliverance for this land and people. We then made the one-mile trek back to the parsonage to do our re-shuffling act to ready us for the rest of the time here. We are going to do a childrens service tomorrow and Friday. So we will have to pack all the bags of stuff for 500 children per service. That will take a little time! We are going to do a benevolence project for a very poor family at the church; we are putting on 3 doors for a house where they have not been able to have them for 2 years. The family comes to the church, and they have not security for their children all this time! We are going to pay a special young man in the church to install them tomorrow. So far so good on day one in the country, time to get to the internet and post. The picture is of Brandon reading scripture with a Haitian young man. They took times reading to one another in English and Creole. Brandon is fitting in on this trip like a veteran! It’s been very refreshing to have him along. Blessings today.


Luke said...

Glad to hear everyone's... well there :) Hahaha, I was trying to think of something clever to say but maybe next time. During morning prayer, you guys weren't the only ones up at 6:00am ;) I read the following. I believe it serves as a good reminder of why we ultimately go on these type of "mission trips".

"Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent?"

You're sent. You preach. They hear. They believe. They call. He saves.

And I love how Paul end's it. "As it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news."

Remember that when you're walking through the streets of Haiti.

Michelle Cary said...

It was great to see a picture of Brandon. Had tears in my eyes as I could see him doing the lords work. Tell him I miss him terribly, I know he is where he is supposed to be, where all of you are supposed to be! Thank you all for what you are doing in Haiti, and for all that you do here. Lots of love

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that you made it safely! Your group is in my prayers. Special hugs of support to Rick, Karen, Autumn and Noah!

God Bless you!
Robbin Behnke

Anonymous said...

hi guys i love you sooooooooooooo much.krystle your puppys and cat are doing good.i miss you all. ill see you when you get back. i love you.

love alexis

Anonymous said...

Hi this is Payton.How are you doing? I love the pic of Vladimir. I love you all!!! Are you having a good time. I hope you are. Me and my sis are going to hang out with Maura. I have to go and eat now. By By

Anonymous said...

I'm still crying but doing OK. Ray
I collected 74 gals of sap today.
I am so glad you are in safely and doing so good. Carry on, we are praying back here that God will be
in all your efforts. Krystle, I have pretty much a companion that follows me around wherever, what can I say. HI-Everybody-Please greet our precious Haitians esp. Rob, Naromie and family--all is well at the farm-miss you all-the joy of the Lord is your strength-praying for each of you. Beth-am enjoying your clean, cozy, well organized kitchen. --laundry today. Kelly-your bed's very comfy. Krystle-you'd be proud of us with your pets! Kel-getting your mail. Love and hugs, BRP-DJP

Anonymous said...

Thinking of all of you this evening. Was just reading about following Christ's humility and living our life by the principles He lived His own life by. Very powerful reminder for me tonight that we are called to live a "higher life" through Christ and what more could be "higher" than serving in Haiti.

What a beautiful pic of Vladimir! Brandon how cool that you are in Haiti reading scripture and sharing the bread of life!!! God is so good! Krystle I know you miss our bathroom trips!!! hehehhe and Kelly it was really beautiful here today and am praying all the snow will be gone soon!!! Beth give an extra hug to all the little ones for me!!! Ray I hope your doing fine without your sidekick! Deloris I hope your doing well with the sleeping arrangements!! Am praying for you all!! Love Niche

Anonymous said...

yes krystle i am reading everyday ,must post so u don t yell at me ,keep up the great job u all,p.s.great pic of brandon ,looks like he is connecting well ...jim

Anonymous said...

Hi all I like to here u all r doing well. Nice to here brother Brandon is doing well. Baby Vladamir looks so precious and adorable. Everybody hang n there just the first day, God has great plans for each and everyone one of u on this trip. I'm so proud of u guys because to inspire hope means to give.Give your time ,energy and all that u have inside u.God bless u all I love u guys and gals remember 2nd Corinthians 9:7 some of u know this "So let each one give as he purposes n his hear, not grudgingly or of necessity for god loves a cheerful giver. Germaine

Anonymous said...

Please take as many photos as you can, would love to see the children. We know you are busying let Robinson, his wife and the children that we think of them everyday. Hope the baby is doing better. Bethany and Alan

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh.... Packing the children's bags and organizing the suitcases... Both require time and some patience... But the end result makes the effort worth it. The children are so delighted with such meaningful gifts and we all ( those of us veterans) know how happy it makes momma when her suitcases are organized ;-) I think about all the time constraints life here in America can bind us with. In the land of opportunity the blessings of having can often steal the joy of being. Oh but in dear Haiti time is the only thing there is plenty of. In a land ravaged by needs time allows us to remember what we are here for. Our people. GOD's people....HIS beloved and most cherished possession. Haiti's harsh reality has a way of stripping away all that clouds our vision and helps us refocus on the truth. Nothing is more important the the fellowship we partake in and on our own we accomplish nothing but must minute by minute rest on the mercy and grace from our FATHER's hand. JESUS tells us in John 5:19 "I tell you the truth, the SON can do nothing by HIMSELF, HE can only do what HE sees HIS FATHER doing, because whatever the FATHER does the SON also does." Rest in that knowledge tomorrow. Not only that CHRIST , the creator of the vast universe did nothing by HIMSELF, but that you have the priviledge to take each moment to do as HE did. Carrying out the FATHER's work through the FATHER's strength alone. May HIS grace abound and transform you as you serve for us as well. I miss you all and rejoice with you at all you are accomplishing. I look forward to your next post and will be praying for your children's services.
Nou tann nou isit la nan priye!!!
Krystle I was at joann fabrics today with a client and saw the headbands and it made me almost faint from missing you. But I was quickly brought back to reality when my client promptly backed her electric wheelchair over my foot. I still miss you though!!
Love and prayers to you all!!!

Luke said...

Praying for you guys this morning.

Anonymous said...,
alexis , payton,and maura we are thinking about you , love you, and miss you all.
it snowed hear 11 in.ooooops it is not April fools day yet.hahaha.

p.s.krystle we had shamrock shakes but me (alexis), payton and maura thought of you and only drank half of ares and drank the other half for you.we love you.

alexis,maura ,and payton

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh daddy I miss you so much I'm happy that you're safe. :)

Tim Cary said...

What an incredibly proud moment, seeing my son involved in such a noble cause while in service to others. I will be anxiously waiting for a chance to hear of the wonderful stories of how your group blessed those whom you interacted, while they likely blessed you. Sitting here in Michigan it seems so easy to become blind or develop a sense of entitlement to life’s gifts, resources, and opportunities. This, while those so relatively near are so unfortunate and deprived. They seem to hope for much and expect little. Thanks to all of you! Tim