Saturday, April 2, 2011


What defines this word? To be frank and honest, Haiti is a conundrum to me. We sat at the Deli Mart just a few minutes ago, everyone weary and filthy from the driest and dirtiest day I have experienced here yet. It is so dry, so dusty, that there is a fog that seems to be so thick at times you could cut it with a knife. Autumn sat across from me in an air-conditioned climate and said it feels really American to me right here, but when she turned around and looked through the glass the sight that greeted her seemed surreal. Then she said these words, “why does it not seem beautiful here to some?” I listened as comments were exchanged and pondered her perspective. She is right you know, you have to be careful with negativity. We talked again about happiness, and how kind these people are in the midst of their circumstances. Brandon even commented on how they are compared to the inter-cities of the States. To be deprived does not necessarily equate to being mean spirited. There are some mean folks down here, but that does not necessarily mean they are that way because they are Haitian, any more than a thief in the States would mean that it’s the trademark of an American. I say all that to say we saw a lot of beautiful people today. Precious, kind, loving, people. The team is beginning to feel the sting of leaving, a certain anxiety that is hard to explain begins encroaching, time begins to draw us back into it’s slipstream, like a vortex we feel the gravity of our departure coming. We have accomplished so much, but we still have so many things we would like to do. And then there will be the good-byes; tears, sadness, a touch of remorse. Will they all be here the next time we come, when we come, if we come? Time will change this landscape as it will our own landscape. Our bus driver today was the same one who took us to Desdunes last spring, his child was terribly ill the day he took us, he had been in the hospital; he died last May, just after we left. I could see the lines of sorrow written on his face. We had prayed for his child, and God saw fit to take him anyway. But still he is a gracious and loving man, refusing the hardening of his heart by terrifying circumstances. We took the run up the mountain this morning; it was a great run, albeit very dirty, and once again Rob’s motorcycle broke. I was so frustrated, but it was as it should have been, it guided my decision that God wanted Him to have a new motorcycle Monday morning. Hopefully we can pull it off. We had a wonderful time with the mountain people, and made the decision to purchase a donkey for a special mountain man. When we arrived tonight, we still didn’t know if he had been able to make the purchase. As we drove down the road in St. Marc returning from the only luxury we afford the team on the trip (Haitian Pizza) Robinson suddenly saw a donkey in the street and declared he was pretty sure they had made a purchase. When we arrived at the house the man was there, and said they had not been able to get one. Rob made a call, and to everyone’s delight, a donkey has been found! I wish you could have seen the expression and gratitude on the mountain man’s countenance. It was as if he had been given a million dollars. I will try to post up a picture tomorrow, as it is too late tonight for one. Rick was terribly sick last night, but seemed to regain his footing enough to get up and through the day. At one point he told me today how much he appreciated the American bathroom last night at the church from the perspective of being on all fours for quite a bit of it. We think he suffered heat stoke from their furious paint job last night. He and Ray got the front wall painted again and it looks fabulous! I have to lay up the pen for tonight, and ready to preach in the morning. Time to trade out for a different pen, my sermon one! Goodnight and Blessings after a glorious day in St. Marc!


Jake T said...

Blessings from TC! I just wrapped up the sermon for tomorrow it made me think that, you were all sowing mustard seeds of faith. My studies tonight tell me faith that size can move a mountain or a 600 year old deeply rooted Milberry tree. It is not the size of your faith it is who that faith is in! The one true God, creator of all! You have all been appointed as doers of His divine will, I am so proud of you all. Keep the faith, be courageous! Love ya's

Anonymous said...

One of the hardest things for me to get my mind around was how beautiful Haiti was and at the same time the level of poverty and devastation in the very same country. After a year of pondering I'm still not any closer to figuring that out. But I must say the beauty of the people shined more than the beauty of the country. I feel so blessed to have been able to go to Haiti, to be a part of the ongoing journey that God is doing in Haiti. As your time winds down and you prepare to come home i'll be praying that God brings peace to each of you. Thank you all for being the hands and feet of our loving Savior. Niche'

Michelle Cary said...

The land does look so beautiful from the pictures you posted. It was great to hear Brandon's voice on the phone tonight, except I was driving and went through a dead cell area and got cut off from him, so we talked only 2 to 3 minutes. I was grateful to talk to him even if it was a few minutes. It is after midnight, and that means it is our 5th wedding anniversary!! Tell him "Happy Anniversary" for me! God has sent me a wonderful man to spend the rest of my life with. Love and miss you all. I pray that the Sunday service goes well.