Saturday, April 2, 2011

More Team Pics


Luke said...

Hey thanks for all the pictures, quit amazing I'd say. 'A picture's worth a thousand words'… I think I'll tell the pastor who spoke state side here this morning that… no point intended for you Doyle, your sermons are fine :) Hahaha.

In your last writing you made a comment about "time begins to draw us back into it’s slipstream, like a vortex we feel the gravity of our departure coming” I remember that feeling. As I read on, two passages of scripture came to mind that I'd like my sister to read for everyone. First one is Matthew 9:14-15.

Please Read.

I want to be careful not to take this out of its context but I do feel that it not only presents a principle that I myself often struggle with but it also sets up the second passage that came to mind. The principle is that of a wedding, a time of joy and happiness, of celebration, of family. You are surrounded by your Family right now so rejoice and be glad. Do not dwell on the approaching day of departure. For that day will come and when it comes, please remember the second passage. Revelations 7: 9-10.

Please Read.

White Robes… Ohhh the White Robes. Ohhh my friends a day is coming when the stain of dusty air will no longer linger… and we will sing with child like faith together… together with our Haitian Family and with all peoples… all in our own tongue crying out "Salvation belongs to our God". My dear Family, remember this in your time of pain… may it encourage you on. With a broken love, Luke.

Anonymous said...

Hello to all...... I have a message from Dad.... He made it safely to Miami, a lot of sitting and waiting like always. He was ready for a Chili's burger! :) It was so nice to hear his voice.... I'll call him in a bit to chat with him more, but he wanted me to let you know he's doing fine and is in Miami. He told me you will be spending time at the orphanage tomorrow.... I'm sure you are excited about that. Enjoy them lil' one's. Went to Alaina's shower, it was really nice... they got a lot of really nice stuff! Jake even came to help her open presents! Payton was the little helper (surprise, surprise) She was having more fun than anyone there I think! I love the pics... oh yeah and Kelly we love that you shaved! You look better! :) Rick we hope you are feeling better! I'm sure you were happy for the American Bathroom! Don't forget to take a picture of the bathroom all painted...... Plllleaseeee bring home some warm weather!!!! Yes it snowed AGAIN! UGH..... Payton says she's going to kick Kelly's butt..... :) I hope you all enjoyed church today! Not much more from me.... I'm too cold to have too many good thoughts for you all! :) I can't wait to talk to you guys..... I love you all... a special hug for my Momma Dee.... Alisa~