Sunday, April 3, 2011


What a morning! We had an incredible service today. A packed out house greeted our arrival, and the experience was nothing short of amazing today. We had to be up at 5:00 am again, and boy did morning come early. I have not slept too well on this trip. It has been so hot and dry; it is hard to take. The first spotlight of the morning was the mountain man who we gave the donkey to. My heart soared as he checked out his animal for the first time this morning. We took a few photos and suddenly he climbed right up on that donkey and away they went. He is a pretty old Haitian man, and the smile on his face says it all. We are still making sure he gets a pack-saddle and rigging for the donkey. But they probably won’t get to him until we are gone. Our morning was also decorated with a bit of sadness. Ray had to head back to the states to keep a prior obligation with family. I felt bad as the emotions of the moment hit him like a tidal wave. He was okay with going, and I am sure by now he is experiencing great relief from the ravaging heat. The other picture you will observe here is what appears to be snow in Haiti. In stark contrast to the pictures in posted on the blog titled beauty, this is not snow, but dust. When Rick saw the pictures I had put up on that post, he was like, ‘oh Doyle, you shouldn’t do that, people will think we are down on some Caribbean vacation’! Well here is the reality check! It is dusty, dirty, smelly, and pretty rough on our bodies that have been dealing with extreme Michigan cold. I will confess that when I hit Miami I am relishing air conditioning. At least the thought of it! Church was two and a half hours long, but it didn’t feel that way. We were swept away with their focused intensity. Then we spoke to them about their value before God, how with God there is neither Haitian nor American; that we are all loved equally and powerfully by God, and closed with a short little excerpt about Brandon. It was received well, and we are thankful for the opportunity to share with them. It has been a eventful day at the house, games being played, Noah and Brandon are at the neighbors playing some ball. Rick in getting in some reading time. Karen and Deloris are reminiscing with their digital cameras. Photography is such a blessing. To be able to capture a moment in time and go back to it, well, it’s just short of time travel. Memory is an incredible gift and photo’s to back the memories are a gift. Whoever discovered the lens of a camera gave the world an incredible invention. We are going to show a movie tonight at the church, we are showing the ‘Secretariat’. It has to be able to play in French. I am posting early as I won’t have time tonight. For all those posting comments, they have been truly inspirational! Thank you.


Julie Quinn said...

What a joy to read your posts. Sorry that I did not get to send a message before Ray left. I had wanted to send something witty about Diet Coke but it appears he is on his way back to the states. The photos bring me back to just a short while ago in November. What a blessing to witness the faith and reliance on God's provision by the Haitian people. They were truly a witness to me.

I was a bit shocked by the photo of the truck. My eyes scanned the post quickly to see if maybe one had been provided. It certainly looked a bit more comfortable than the back of the toyota!

Tell Krystal I miss her and miss making her laugh when we were suppose to be sleeping! Tell Beth, I miss sharing the car mirror to put on make up! Kiss the orphans for me and hug that beautiful baby!

I pray that it is God's will that I am able to return to Haiti with you in the future. Till then, you remain in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Just LOVE all the photos,.....see you are going to be with the children tomorrow,, photos,photos...PLEASE. Please remind Beth to ask the children, what's one thing they really want,...hope to get it for them. Remember to have a list for us fro next time. So, happy things are going well,...hope the children enjoy the soccer balls as much as we did getting them for them.....Alan and Bethany

Anonymous said...

I am very proud of the team and the work accomplished. I love how you helped the mountain man. It reminds me of Pastor Rob's sermon and his message to just help someone. I praise God that he brought me to this church family. This is where I am supposed to be. I miss you and love you all and will pray for a safe trip home. I miss my friends Kelly and Krystle. John, aka J. Smooth.

Jake T said...

Hello CCC MIRACLES! I hope this finds you all happy and healthy. We've been lifting you all up in prayer, can't wait to here the stories and listen to the testimonies from you all. Finish strong!

Anonymous said...

Whats up yall? I seen the pics from yesterday awesome also Rob Rob finding the donkey pretty cool. I'm glad to here brother Rick is feeling better. Glad to here church service was great. Stay encouraged dont let the dry weather get u down. I know its almost time to leave stay focused and remember God has u there for a reason. I love to here about all the wonderful things God is doing there and through u guys. Thank u Doyle for talking about snow, let Kelly know we r suppose to b getting some snow tonight.God is good all the time! Prayin for u all for God is with u and watching over u. Peace ,Love,Soul Germaine

Anonymous said...

Hello team,
Sorry I have been lacking in my comments here... I have run into a bit of a snag. This week is my husbands fishing trip to Tayacoga Florida so I find myself very busy with our 6 children. Between runny noses and boo boos I have hardly had a moment to think. :-)
Ok seriously, I absolutely love the picture of Papa on his Donkey. Oh that smile is worth a million bucks! He really is such an honorable man and I am so glad you were able to bless him in this way. You know we ride up the mountain on motorcycles and a truck and I am always blown away by this faithful man who makes the trip at his age on foot. He understands the importance of relationships and makes time for them regardless of the personal cost. Would that we had such determination in the things we do!
Glad to hear about church. I can hear the singing and see our people now sitting under the tent. Haitians are so amazing. We are so blessed to be able worship together. I love the guardhouse too! I barely recognized it. It looks beautiful and you guys are doing such an amazing job!
I know as it is now Monday you can't help but start thinking of everything you need to finish before the return trip. That sadness of leaving no doubt is starting to creep into your heart. Just stay encouraged and remember that GOD knew all you would be accomplishing this trip and by the time you board the bus to come home HIS list will be finished. The difficulties of Haiti make it impossible to hide behind our "I can get and make it happen" that we often live by here in America.
In Haiti the only shelter you can find in resting in the arms of the ALMIGHTY and HIS strength alone.
I am so proud of all that you guys have undertaken and your willingness to lay open your bare heart for this mission. GOD's blessings will abound for your faithfulness!
I look forward to all the stories and pictures you have to share.
ROB ROB just incase you are still awake when dad is reading these. I love you my brother and miss you and your family greatly! Thank you for taking such good care of our guys. You are an amazing man of GOD!
Krystle... I can't wait until you get home! Alas the shamrock shakes are gone so I can no longer go sit in the parking lot and drink one and act like I am doing you a favor :-) And I need help with my Creole! Somehow telling you ;
Jodi a dis chwal rale gwo machin nan
just doesnt cut. You have to come home so we can work on this more so I actually have things to say that apply :-) I love you and miss you!
Love you too momma and Kelly and everyone else there!
Praying for you lots!

Anonymous said...

WOW the dust.... that is for sure a big ol' NO for Jim to ever go in March :) Alexis got her bottom braces today.... she has some colorful teeth now (although you can't see them cuz they are on the bottom) She is cute about it though! Talked to Dad this morning, he was stuck in traffic on his way to GR! Papa looks pretty happy on that donkey! What a great thing for him! Now for the rough several hours to come..... remember who you are serving, keep in mind the people you touched! You have given many people a new hope of Jesus this last week. You have inspired many people, Haitian and American! You missed it, Jim presented Jake with his 5 year sobriety coin at church yesterday! What an awesome thing for both of them.... Jim to share something of importance to him to Jake who has come such a long way! And to both of them.... they could not do it without Jesus in their lives.... and so you all have shown that also! I know it's hard to leave, I will be pryaing for you all! We love you and look forward to hearing so many stories! Travel safely, stay encouraged and make it fun!!!! Love from the homefront..... Alisa~

Luke said...

Praying for you all as you prepare to travel back and during your time of travel as well. Much love.

P.S. Noah, Dwan got second place in the dunk competition. He lost to a white boy who was 5'10 and had some massive ups. It's Butler and UConn in the finals. Thought you'd appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that I haven't posted comments earlier but just got back in town from my trip with my students. It is great to see how things are going and that you got to ride in the back of a pick up! Sweet! What a blessing it was for me to travel with you last November. It truly was an opportunity to see what complete reliance on God looks like. Give that baby a big kiss for me and hug the orphans. Tell Kelly and Krystal I miss staying up late goofing off with them. Tell Beth she can use my motorcycle mirror if she needs it! You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

Julie Quinn

Anonymous said...

Beth Jo & Kel,Kelly & Krystle, Deloris, Brandon, Rick & Karen, Noah & Autumn-Spelled out names minus other things are for Jim's benefit especially -been reading each blog-just really busy with the travel, Alaina's nice shower, church, the "farm" & starting physio-therapy for shoulder in town today. 120 gals. sap waiting right now for us -probably done by about Thurs. Kailani sleeping right by your bed today, Krystle. Trying to dish out lots of TLC--can hardly believe tonight's your last night in Haiti for awhile. We know how that feels-grateful for all the Lord's helped you all get done & to be this time. Sending lots of love to Rob & Naromie & household especially. Be glad to see you all home, but understand despite the heat, dust, etc. it would almost be easier to stay than come home. Jesus has taken note of each one of you & your contribution to the spread of the Gospel under such conditions-one of these days we'll all know better how much it all meant & will mean. We are living with eternity's values in view -what a thrilling way to live from day to day. Much love, Dad & Mother, Grandpa & Gram, Bob & Darlene. Hugs for each one -be praying you home safely. Ps. 91

Alisa said...

that is cool you got ice cream.
love... Payton