Tuesday, November 5, 2013


The canvas of my life has this ruddy feel to it. I rather like a smooth texture, but i suppose then the picture doesn't have the depth God desires to see. Painting through my life day to day draws brush strokes down into deep places in my life and then up across high points of ecstasy. Who would have thought one of those high points for me today would be a simple glass of orange juice! I was obviously up early, I guess the unease of missing a flight or a crammed ride back to Port left me restless another night, but whatever it was it was part of a deep stroke of the brush pulling along a valley, perhaps a depression in the in the canvas that was refusing paint! I wished for a calmer night, but I must not be in control of my emotions enough to sleep through certain venues. The barking dogs above the din of the generator added to the misery of the darkness that should have brought sleep. But dawn broke again and with it fresh enthusiasm, Booboo stepped into the doorway and lit my morning with his huge award winning smile that washed away vague memories of the nighttime misery that were already fading with the gray of the morning. As we drove along the route to Port the windows were down as there was no air-conditioning in the little Isuzu that was our ride, diesel fumes were so strong it gave me a headache. Electricity was never on for my entire trip this time, so generators had to run if we were to be able to run lights and work in the dark. Sometimes the still hot air allowed the fumes to hang in the porch, and I think that wore on my system a little. That and the fact that our little generator's rings are getting tired and it smokes a little. As we entered the Airport Terminal, a way of gratitude swept over me, thankfulness for being able to be in Haiti again, thankfulness to be able to return home, thankful for all the lives we are able to impact with love and generosity. Just as we went to leave, the city gave a little water again, just as they had late in the night of my arrival, it was if a benediction was being spoken, all the water I might have used from Rob and Naromie was returned to them in double bonus. You have to know we are the lucky ones, this water is coming out of a lower reservoir that can no longer feed the entire city, and Rob is in a low place in town, we received water this morning where as thousands of others won't. A lighter brush stroke to my day again. I think this day will be lighter strokes in general, Rob forgot his passport so he couldn't come into the airport with me, our good-bye was the shortest ever, they dropped me at the door and were gone, I never even saw them drive away. But the good-byes are a little easier now, internet and phone and data have widened the window through which our connection grows. The view of Haiti as we took to the air and looking down is not as daunting as it once was either, no longer quite as surreal. As my bonds with the county and the people grow, so grows my affection, and God continues to use it to paint mixed colors of different hues I never expected to see in my life, but which I am becoming more thankful for with each passing day. What a glorious day this is! Blessings my friends!

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