Friday, November 1, 2013


Where to start. A blistering hot day working over a stubborn motor, no time to eat, and when I could, I had to cook for myself. Naromie asked at one point, is that enough? I laughed out loud. But my dear Haitian family is constantly watching over me, as I worked they wired up a tarp to shade me from the sun, they kept bringing me my drinks, and I survived! I have actually missed a team more than I thought, but it has given me some unexpected moments to share and get into people's lives at a different level.
It was a delight to get a window into Rob and Naromie's wedded life tonight. I watched with curiosity as they shared who knows what, because I can't understand a lick of Creole, but the light in their eyes toward each other was something we don't catch so often when the entire team is around with all our demands for care!
Naromie went with her mom and 18 other married women from the church on an evangelization trip to the mountain this morning telling folks about Jesus. They were gone from before I was up until noon. I asked her how many people they talked to and she said many! I have to be honest, I was a little in awe. I have Naromie tagged as a lot of things, but she is in love with Christ, and bold!! Those were actually not on my list until today!
I on the other hand slaved over a very testy Toyota, should have suspected as much, me being a Ford guy and all. But I found some really good help, a gifted little mechanic, who might just have had the problem pegged from when we met this morning, but he was a good sport and did all I asked, and tomorrow I think he will get his chance to prove his point! I learned early enough in my life, it's not what you know, but who. We established a good working relationship today, and it holds great promise for the future.I hope he never reads this blog, because he was so happy with what I paid he and his apprentice, but they worked with me pretty much all day, the pair of them, with great patience for $50.00 US. I can't begin to guess what a complete injector job would have cost me in the US, but $50 was a bargain, I can promise you that. And all the parts and hoses we had laying around, I was glad I was not alone! We made a good team, even though we are cultures and languages and times apart.
There was multi-tasking going on as well, and we were able to facilitate some other very important discussions as well. The water problem in St Marc has reached desperation levels, it's very sad, and the struggle to survive that is already complicated suffers another brutal ravaging with the added burden of no city water. A difficult commodity to acquire in Haiti already, becomes even more elusive. A small miracle for me happened in the night when they gave out a little, and this morning I was able to shower! I made it a super saver special, for I knew no one else here would be using it the same way. Through Robinson we are giving free water away at three well sites we have in town. It's pretty cool, so cool the people are telling Robinson he should run for Mayor! He would make a good Mayor were he not a GREAT and GIFTED preacher and pastor. I remember a pastor of old saying if God calls you to preach, never settle to be the president! I told Rob that today and he chuckled! Some sayings work in any culture, and he liked that one.
Tomorrow will start at the mattress store with the purchasing of new mattresses for the orphans, from there we will progress through a series of plans we made today, we will see what we get done. We really need a couple more motorcycles for our church leadership team, the little taxi motorbikes are okay, but are a constant drain of funds for the guys. We'll see what God provides. All in all another good day in Haiti, one thing I feed on here is their fortitude and persistence. It reminds me that "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me". Something I'm a little prone to forget in my own culture! So peace and blessings to all tonight from a rainy St. Marc!

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Jake T said...

Praying that you get that truck running tip top today Pastor. May all your other efforts be blessed as well. All our love from northern MI!