Tuesday, November 5, 2013


The gray of morning sky is creeping into the porch. Last night was a restless night filled with remembering all the last minute things I will share on my way out of the country with my friend and fellow-laborer in this ministry endeavor. All the sleepless and restless moments are worth it though. I am always grateful at the end of the day for my home in my country. By tonight I should be in my own comfortable bed, but this family for the most part sleeps on the floor. The heat on the inside bedroom makes it unusable for even the Haitians who are used to it. In just a few more minutes Booboo will rise for the day and this place will come alive with his laughter and zest for life. He is the littlest of our orphans, and he calls Rob and Naromie mama and papa. What joy his little life has brought. I fed him mac and cheese last night and he sang Happy Birthday to me switching back and forth between French and English, not bad I think for a 3 year old. He had an accident last night and wet his britches, some got on the floor and the next thing I know he is carrying the mop out and mopping up after himself! I thought I would lose it, how many 3 years olds do you see doing that! Now the sky is shifting to blue, a beautiful blue! The ground beneath us here is pocked with sewer and litter, gray rocks and brown dirt stretch for miles, but look up and raw beauty is smiling down on you. Up looks like your noteworthy Caribbean vacation hotspot. It's a good reminder to me this morning to keep my gaze ever upward in my heart as well! Great things are happening, we just have to keep our eyes fixed on the right thing. Time to hit the road home, I am grateful again for the journey of life that has once again brought me here! Blessing until later!

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