Friday, November 1, 2013


Then came the morning, or something like that. Dawn came early, and the rustle of activity stirred me awake early. The night was long and hot! Your first night in Haiti is always that way, at least mine seems that way! As I was typing up some of my thoughts last night for the blog, Rob,Naromie, and Klarissa we all playing together on the bedding spread out on the living room floor. Klarissa has just turned one, and has not seen a white person since our spring trip, I am a scary being to her right now, but she wants to like me, and after a couple of hours of working on her, she was trying to warm up. And of course Rob and Naromie want her to like me, so we are trying all kinds of little things to get her to change her perspective. It was funny to watch them work with her. And then I was lost in wonder at the joy of it all, here in the land of desperation and sacrifice people play. There is no water for the city, the hardships are too difficult to even elaborate here, and yet here is this joy and living taking place before my eyes. If we lose power for an hour in the states, its like a national emergency. Here, they just shift and adjust, and life goes on! So I will too. Going to go turn some wrenches this morning and see if we can get the Toyota road worthy again. Looking forward to what the day will bring. Today is like Halloween here, except it is a more evil celebration than back home. Lots of voodoo stuff going on later, so we will be keeping off the streets. They even close school for this, so hopefully I will have a little more time with the kids and orphans than I thought. Off to the races we go! Blessings always.

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Hi Kel-Your blogs are always thought provoking. Thankful for a safe trip for you. We miss you & trying to cover you with prayer. Enjoyed lunch with Kelly here this noon. He's your son indeed. Still raining. Greetings & Hugs for Rob & Naromie, Vladimir & Klarissa. Thrilled the transmission is fine. "Before they call, I will answer." Love, Us.