Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bubble Wrap

I woke to the sounds of Haiti this morning! It was a hot night for all of us but we did get some much needed sleep. Mom, Lee, Emma and I busied ourselves with getting the upstairs of the mission house ready for the orphans. When we stopped last night to see them, we let them know that they would be coming to spend the day and night with us. While we were sorting through more suitcases, we had a wonderful surprise show up! Robins and Guerline came all the way from Gonieves to visit! Robins is the husband of Ynives and father of Sarabeth who both died in the earthquake four years ago. Guerline is a relative of his and was one of the first girls my age that I ever met in Haiti. I haven't seen her in close to three years now! The orphans all got to the house shorty after that and we didn't waste any time! We came loaded with games and crafts to do with them but we had no translator this morning. Claudy was teaching an English class, Manius was in Port with Grandpa and Robinson was on his way to Port to pick up Manius and Grandpa. I was so surprised when Robins stepped right in to help teach the kids how to do the activities we got out for them. Sarabeth would have been almost 5 now and it made my heart ache to see how gentle and kind he was with the kids when his own daughter is gone.

Grandpa made it back here to the mission house in time for a late lunch. His day yesterday went very well as did his meeting with the Rotary Club. Hopefully he is able to make good connections so he can send in the rig he has been working on. Our whole day was based around the kids and we had so much fun! Vanessa, our newest orphan is a doll! She is very quiet but keeps warming up more and more. I can tell how happy she is to be at the orphanage. All of the kids seem to be doing well. They have all grown! I love how the four of us all come up with our own ways to reach out to the kids since the language barrier can cause problems trying to communicate. Lee showed all of the kids how to jump on the bubble wrap we had used to package some of our breakable items! They were all squealing with delight over that one! Emma and I joined in on a four way game of monkey-in-the-middle with the boys, and I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard while I was in Haiti! Mom has a unique way of loving each of the kids like they need to be. We have a diverse group of children, all with different needs and Mom seems to always know who needs what.

After dinner, the five of us ended up downstairs at the dining room table in the dark. Grandpa started sharing stories about his first trip to Haiti back in 1998 and the conversation ended up turning to the adoption of Manise. To see Grandpa's eyes light up as he talked about how he found out about Manise and then everything that came afterwards to get her was so special to me. She is one of the biggest blessings God has ever given our family and I know I speak for my whole family when I say that. So many people are proud of her, from both America and Haiti.

Our last stop of the day was at the church for the Long Night Service. We stopped to see it last June when we came too, but I never can get enough of it. There are honestly no words to describe what it is like. So many people that you literally cannot move without bumping into or stepping on a person. So many people that there is no where to stand, let alone sit. So many of them come and stand for the whole night to pray, sing and listen to the preaching. There were 5 different pastors there to speak tonight. How is it that Americans get antsy after an hour and a half on Sunday morning? It is something to really think about. How desperately do we want God? We all need God, but how much do we want or long for God? These people want Him enough that it is no problem to stand the whole night long with no food, no water and no sleep. It is an absolutely unbelievable but wonderful thing to me! Now it is late. We are all eager to get showers and sleep! Tomorrow is another day and I can't wait to see what God brings our way! Thank you for all of the sweet comments from so many of you! We have been reading them every night and it is so encouraging!
Good night from St. Marc Haiti!


Anonymous said...

Hello Ladies, Thanks for the update it sounds like the trip is going very well. Please give everyone a hug from us.

Lee, we would have loved to see you jumping on bubble wrap would you show us how to do that when you get back. Thanks for the laugh.

Emma, praying that God will show you another angle of the depth of His love, as you minister to them and they minister to you. What an awesome thing it is to be a part of the Kingdom of God.

Beth, we can just see you loving on everyone it brings a smile to our faces knowing your great love for the Haitian people.

Krystle, thank you for the beautiful postings, you definitely have inherited your dad’s gifts and talents in writing. Look out Kelly we haven’t seen what she can do with a wrench yet.

PS. don't even try to keep up with Dad Berg it can't be done.

Our hearts warm as we think of all of you listening to the new post and reading all the comments. We are so excited as we think of you ministering to these beautiful people, knowing that they are ministering to you and they do it with even knowing they are, God is amazing! We can only imagine all of those beautiful faces at the children’s service, hope you hugged them all for us. I hope the big fish did not eat any of them. hahaha

Tomorrow is Sunday one of our favorite days in Haiti! With everyone in their finery though they have little to nothing, yet they are so rich in faith and bring their very best. We will be praising the Lord with you! And someday we will all be praising Him together. Can I get an AMEN!!
Love you all, praying for you often,
Rick and Karen

rileychick said...

Great to read the reports of all that is happening so far on this trip. It is evident that God is doing wonderful things for you, in you, and through you as you connect with and serve the people of St. Marc! I count it a privilege to pray for you, and so enjoy the updates. Thanks for being willing to be Jesus' hands and feet!


Noah Reyhl said...

Hey guys! I hope you all are truly doing well. It's awesome to hear and see you all doing God's work all around the world! Each and everyone of you are inspiring people and truly show God's love to others! Thank you for serving.
Much love to you all,