Thursday, March 27, 2014


The first part of the journey is behind us but honestly it was the easy part of this adventure! We met up with the rest of our team at noon and checked all of our bags through without a problem, though I think everyone was wondering why we needed 550 pounds of baggage. We said our goodbyes, made it through security and even sat down to enjoy a snack together. Perfect airport experience, right? That's when we got the phone call. They wanted to take out our brand new generator because they can't be sure that gas has never been put through it. The only way they let you send them through now is if they are in the packaging straight from the manufacturer. Dad made some phone calls and assured them that it was brand new and they agreed to leave it alone but said there is a great chance of it being taken out in Chicago still. We have been praying over it all day. God knows what He is doing even if we don't always understand! The flight from TC to Chicago took place without a hitch. Mom even played some Taylor Swift out loud for the whole airplane to hear...oops! In Chicago we had enough time to eat our last "American" meal and then get to our gate just in time to board. The flight from Chicago to Miami is always the longest, almost three hours. It turned out to be a nice time though. Mom was sitting by a woman from Jamaica who has devoted the better part of her life to bringing aid to her country. Her two suitcases are full not of her own things, but of as many pairs of children's shoes as she could fit. It is so encouraging to meet up with someone who is giving their all to a cause. Her name is Dell and she is in her early sixties. Tonight, she is sleeping on the floor of the airport by her gate because she couldn't bring herself to waste money on a hotel room when there are so many people in her home land in need. I have no words to describe my amazement of this woman. If only we could all be more like Dell!

When I wasn't listening to Mom and Dell talk, I was talking with Lee and Emma. I was lucky enough to be sitting by them on our last flight of the day! We got to talking about Haiti, the orphans and just the culture in general. Two hours later, after lots of questions and me answering as best as I could, I realized how thoroughly I had enjoyed our conversation. To have people who are so engaged with the country and it's people before even stepping foot in the land is really amazing to me! Both of these ladies are going to touch so many lives this week! Grandpa has been a true gentleman and most definitely a trooper today! Between getting us where we needed to go, making sure we had plenty to eat and drink and standing outside the ladies bathroom watching all the bags at least 5 times today, I now know that chivalry is still alive! He is treating the four of us ladies like queens! After getting off the plane, we had quite the time of it trying to find the airport hotel due to construction. But Grandpa once again came through and got us here to our rooms! We have just over 4 hours until we have to be up and at it again! We should be in country about 9 o'clock in the morning! Blessings to all!



Anonymous said...

Praying lots for you!!! Miss you bunches and I am excited to see pictures and watch all the wonderful things GOD does through you guys! Give hugs to everyone there for us!

Anonymous said...

I woke up this morning and quickly checked the blog :) knowing that in a few short hours you will be on the ground in Haiti! Praying for smooth transition through the airport , may the Holy Spirit be your guide! Then you will see Rob' s big smile and on to St.Marc. Our prayers go with you can't wait to hear and see all that God is about to do! Blessings my friends! PS Lee I will have a cup of coffee for you this morning with the gang :). Karen

Anonymous said...

Dear Krystle, B.Jo, Lee & Emma, & Dad B. You wrote very detailed & interesting blogs -Just read first 2. Thank the Lord for His great help. Get a good night's sleep as much as possible. Praying earnestly for each of you. Snow covered everything by this AM. -beautiful, & raining now. Love to each of you. G&G.

Jake T said...

Read this yesterday from my iphone and couldn't comment. I have been praying though! Dell captured my thoughts throughout the day yesterday, I kept thinking about all the people out there, like yourselves, that sacrifice so much and yet we can merely put a dent into the global overall needs of all who struggle. We cant be anyone's everything, but we can bring them to the man who can be, and desires to be, everything for them. I also thought a lot about quality over quantity. We can't love them all, but we can love some of them deeply, and consistently and Christ does the rest! Thanks for your service and sacrifice, love you guys!