Sunday, March 30, 2014


After finishing my blog last night our evening ended in a blaze...literally, when the neighbors tree went up into flames! As we stood on the balcony gawking at the sparks shooting out of the yard, Robinson ran over to make sure the neighbors were aware. Apparently they were just trying to burn their garbage but they went inside and the fire got out of control! It all ended well though! My alarm went off at 5:30 this morning and I really didn't think I could get out of bed, especially after such an exciting evening! We were all very tired but managed just fine. As we pulled up to the church, I got so excited! It can be long and hot during the service but there is nothing quite like it! Just like at the Long Night Service, there is not an inch of room to move but somehow we managed to walk up through the crowd to where they had saved a pew for us in the very front. Not even a minute later though, we were called up to sit on the platform with the Pastors. They always treat us like royalty and their honored guests. I feel bad sitting up front with a fan pointed at me while there are so many people who are standing in the sun, but I try to think about what I would do if any of them came to visit our church and I realize I would do whatever to make them comfortable. My favorite time of the service is the singing! There is no way to describe it, you honestly have to see it for yourself! You can take pictures and videos but you still won't understand. A picture is just that. A stand still image of one moment from one point of view. You can't feel the heat, smell the sweat, hear the music or see over a thousand people singing, clapping, dancing and praising The Lord. It's a breathtaking experience. Then came the time that I think we all dread and yet still love. The time to introduce ourselves to all of the church! Grandpa did great, as usual! I can tell how much he is respected by all of the people. Emma got a huge reaction when she said she wasn't yet fourteen! They were all so shocked and the Pastor even commented on it during his sermon! Robinson took time before Lee spoke and gave her many great compliments about all of her talents and how hard she has worked to help support Haiti and of course she soared through with no problem when she spoke. Apparently I made Mom cry when I spoke but I was shaking like a leaf while I was speaking! I am not a huge fan of speaking, singing or anything else in front of crowds but I try my best! Mom has such a heart of gold and shines during moments like these! In this culture it can be hard for women to earn respect from these people but Mom has it 110% and she was even asked to close the service in prayer. We were out of church this morning before church at home even started! We took the orphans as well as some other people back to the mission house for lunch and it was a very full car! 14 people inside the car and 6 outside! After a lunch of hot dogs and macaroni and cheese we were able to spend a good part of the afternoon playing with the kids and singing songs around the table. By late afternoon it was time to take the kids home and we had to run a few other errands. Grandpa got around quickly when we got home to go to the church for a little while and hear Manius preaching. Us ladies have had quite an evening of it! I think we are just tired but everything seemed to be hitting us funny! We have laughed until we cried about everything imaginable for the last couple of hours! And to finish off another wonderful day in Haiti, Grandpa brought back a couple quarts of ice cream! It was a huge hit here at home! We are hoping to get some much needed sleep so we can finish off our last couple of days well! Thank you for the prayers, we are all doing very well.

Much love to everyone,


Anonymous said...

Hello team! :) Apparently my posts have not come across! :( At church yesterday I found out I can't comment from my phone..... So sorry... I was commenting, just didn't realize they were not going through to you...... so glad to hear all is going so well! Amazing things are happening, I'm sure I can't even imagine the most of them! Krystle you are so correct about the singing in Haiti.... I miss that SOOO much! That is one of my favorite parts of Haiti! I can't tell what they are saying most of the time, but when you hear a song and know the beat.... you can sing along with them in our own language.... or even hum along with them! Thank you for doing God's work! I can't wait to be able to get back to Haiti myself..... In God's time! Please give hugs to the orphans and family! Prayers to you from Home! :) Love you all..... Alisa

Livin Proof said...

You're doing good things Krystle. The things I read from you is just another amazing example of why I believe we have the most awesomeness church family in the country! Many more prayers are coming your way!

Anonymous said...

Warm greetings from Traverse City, dear Haiti team (or do "cool" greetings sound better in the heat?!). What amazing kingdom work y'all are doing! Whether you are serving one person, a small group, or standing before the entire large group in Sunday morning worship, you are pouring out God's love in clear, tangible ways! Krystle, I have loved reading your blog beautifully capture snapshots of what is happening there. I keep smiling! Our God is so amazing in the ways He is working among our brothers and sisters in Christ there in St. Marc. Hearing about the children's service and the updates on the orphans have been so inspiring--the next generation is being built up! Lee and Emma, I hope to meet the two of you someday, and I am touched by your willingness to go spread light and love in Haiti. Beth, you are a treasured friend and sister, and I just love hearing about the respected role model you are for women there, as you are here! Krystle, its a joy seeing even more facets of your beautiful heart through your writing. Michael says, "I miss you and love you and am blowing you a kiss right now, Miss Krystle!" May the Lord abundantly bless your remaining time there. We continue to pray! As you anticipate saying goodbyes soon, may your hearts be held by His peace. Rest in the knowledge that we will all be together forever, worshiping before the throne of the One who alone is worthy...who will make all things NEW...according to His beautiful plan of His time, all for His glory. :)
Bunches of love!
Heidi (Ethan & Michael)

Anonymous said...

Oh my beautiful sisters in Christ, I love hearing and seeing how our faithful God is answering yours and my prayers by doing incredible things in the hearts of the people of Haiti. When we offer ourselves to God and allow him to use us in incredible ways he has a way of blessing us more than the people we were intending to bless. It is my pray for you guys during your time in Haiti that God would reveal himself to you in new and incredible ways. I pray that you would see how "real" God is, he is not just this idea that we trust our lives to with hopes that all goes well, he is a real God, who is moving in real ways, in and through real people like you, Emma, Lee, Krystle, Beth, and Grandpa.

Now I know how loud and crazy this group of girls are... the only thing that would make it louder would be a bit of a Karen Reyhl laugh and a little bit of craziness with Autumn Reyhl and her non-existent filter. I can't imagine the joy and life that you guys are bringing to our family in Haiti. It is truly a gift of God that he wants to use to impact those that you come into contact with in your lives. So, I am giving you permission to be loud, joyful, and crazy and I will buy grandpa Berg earplugs and Tylenol ;)

I love you all and can't wait to hear about how you have been changed through serving our very real and incredibly awesome God!

Love you bunches,
Autumn (Karen and Rick)

Dan Soenen said...

Don't faint ,yes this is me writing on a blog. First time ever. Missed you guys at worship practice but it went well. Except for all the yelling! ( Kidding ). Hope all is well with you. Be safe and Kelly do what your sister tells you to! ( Kidding too--I think ).