Sunday, January 13, 2013


Who declares the end of a struggle.  When is enough, enough? Today was one of those twisting, turning, contorting days. Every step was like trudging through mud. Time played tricks all day long. But we have a slogan for that; It's Haiti! We took our morning foot trek up the mountain behind the Church. It came with challenges and blessings. Neil remarkably found his little boy who through tears of fear still waved at him. A very precious moment. Our Haitian carpenter took a very long lunch break, electrical got started in the wrong location, the speakers for the sound system blew this morning, the food for the celebration service was an hour and a half late, need I say more. Until tonight, when after speaking to my married couples for about 30 minutes, they gave me a big round of applause, and then proceeded to swarm the team and swamp us with hugs, thank you's, and many 'God bless you's! It was a breakthrough moment of epic proportions. A moment I have longed for, labored for, prayed for, and believed for. Tonight it came to pass. We were beginning pick up and I already had sound equipment in my hands, I was looking down when suddenly I was being embraced in this huge hug. As my head came up from looking down, I was inundated, compressed and filled with their great love for me as all who were there came to give us all hugs. It was a moment to behold. Now I am weary and will cut this post short, tomorrow will be a busy day, but a little chance for rest. We have to be at church by 7:00! Weariness claws at my eyelids, I will get after some more material tomorrow. For tonight, thanks for following, thanks for the prayers. I say with Abraham of old, God has provided! Blessings to all!


Stacey Hasse said...

Thinking of all of you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Haiti team! What an amazing journey you have had this far! I am so proud of all of you and for all you are striving to accomplish for the LORD! It certainly sounds like a trip to our beloved Haiti with its highs and lows but stay encouraged! The work you are doing is the great commission and we will not know until we are resting on streets of gold beside our SAVIOR just how much of an impact your trip has had. Then you will be able to rejoice when you see that you have accomplished even more then you could have dreamed! We love you all so much and continue to uphold you with prayer and thanksgiving!
P.S. a special hello to my little O.J. (That would be the Orange Bandit Junior - the b is silent) I miss you!
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Hi Haiti team!
My heart bursts with joy as I read updates, receive pictures,and contemplate the magnitude of all that's happening there. Even with huge ups and downs, y'all press forward in faith and do your work so well. Neal, sometime I want to hear the story about your little guy! Please fill me in! Happiest of birthday wishes to Stephen!the youth service sounds amazing. Bob, Ray, and Rick, how did it feel on Sunday morning to know the benches you worked so hard on were providing a place of rest during a time of worship?! Brandon and Kelly, I just have to tell you that my parents and I watched no less than EIGHT deer go through our backyard and into the woods at one time this afternoon. Wish y'all had been here! But I'm glad you're there because I hear such great things about how you're serving! Doyle, I can't wait to hear about your time preaching at the sister church; what a gifted, loving pastor you are...a true shepherd of the flock of believers, serving the Good Shepherd with all you have! Deloris, Beth, Krystle, and Karen, I love thinking of you loving on the orphans this afternoon. What beautiful, nurturing women you are! My darling Ethan, we miss you; we savor every word you write via email and enjoy each picture. Michael's looking forward to playing with Boo Boo and Klarissa someday (at least I think that's what he was saying as he was on his tummy on the blanket today!). May today be filled with many gifts for each one of you to unwrap from your heavenly Father. We send bunches of love from home!

Jake T said...

A warm hug can say so much, a small gesture can mean so much. We serve such a big God but sometimes the little things in life can mean the most to us. What an amazing God we serve, His attention to detail is great. He seems to make sure we have what we need, when we need it. Even if it's just a hug.