Wednesday, January 16, 2013


All aboard! We have safety made it through another mission, we are all sitting on the plane in Port Au Prince. Gratefulness consumes me. The weight of responsibility begins to lift from my shoulders. The accident in southern Haiti quickened my awareness, and sharpened my focus on travel risks. But now that is behind me, the plane captain takes over, I'm just here for the ride. We elevate off the runway and as quickly as a world is turned on end in coming to this country, it will be righted once again. In the course of 120 minutes I will shift a few lifetimes away from these people. I embraced my dear brother a final time for this trip, tears filled my eyes, my voice cracked. His vision is so strong for his people he refuses to leave them behind. I want to ease his suffering, to remove his cross, I feel he deserves so much, but he sees differently. So does God. It is ours to feel the pain of our parting. I felt it from him too. Passion for people burns within us, there will be a final reuniting where we will never have to leave or say goodbye again. We will lay down our dusty backpacks, and trade them for immortality. The tears will cease, the burdens will fall like broken shackles from our lives, and we will sit together long on heavens golden shoreline conversing of our journey and God's faithfulness, His provision, His amazing grace. How He took a little orphan boy from the streets and rescued him, gave him back family, and empowered him with such motivation and vision, that he moved with compassion, dared to hope for his people, and witnessed great change in the hearts of so many. It is a humbling circumstance to be partnered with such a pure heart, to be knit together in one accord, to be witness to a mission so profound. As we enter back into my homeland, I echo my sons sentiment, now I think I have two homes. Massively different in so many ways, but I love both, and am grateful for the opportunity to share my life on both sides. The pain will fade, life moves on, it's ebb and tide has no reverse, onward we go, north to the cold! All is well with my soul. Blessings now from Miami!  

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Jake T. said...

In that day when we will all dwell together, what a marvelous day that will be. What a marvelous eternity that will be! I felt the sting of your goodbye with Pastor Rob through your words. The plight of him and his flock definately give me a perspective of just how good I have it.
Luke 1:78
Because of God’s tender mercy, the morning light from heaven is about to break upon us,
Someday soon we will all be united, oh what a day that'll be.