Wednesday, January 9, 2013


They say you can tell much by a man's shoes. I study faces, body posture, I notice much, for perhaps the loudest things people say, they never speak. We are closing in on the end of our second day in Haiti, the women's meeting was a great success. I sit here on the church property quietly observing all manner of conversations and people. The young people met under the children's tent, another small group meets out in the open air, the women are gathered under the big tent that is to be replaced tomorrow. Children dance around me, laughing, stroking my hair, touching my white man's skin. Their fascination with me matches my own fascination with them. Out of their poverty, they practice such joy and contentment. It makes me cringe at the contrast to my own selfishness. It the midst of these observations I notice of all things tonight, shoes. Feet that often don't fit in the patten leather, flip flops an inch too short, a child in dress shoes wearing camo colored military style clothing. There is little fashion in Haiti. It is about getting by, not getting more. I recently received a gift of a pair of Keens sandals. The nicest I have ever worn, tonight I feel even more blessed by this gift. Who am I that I should posses such luxury, that I should walk in such comfort? Am I somehow more deserving than these amazing people. I was born in a different country, to a different blood, so that makes me worthy? I confess I will never fully understand the grace of God. The scope of my understanding is just too small. What I do understand is that I have been given much, and much will be required of me in the end. So here we are, those who have received much, to give as much as we can, and giving on behalf of so many who also practice this compulsion to love and share. Our gifts are winning hearts for the kingdom. And it is remarkable to witness. Our first full day on the ground is almost done, and it has been good. The first 48 hours of this journey always kicks you in the teeth, but this team has been steadfast, and I am grateful. Tomorrow is 'D' day, we cleared the property late tonight for the removal of one tent and the unfurling of the new. Pray for our success, that against and in spite of all obstacles, we erect a new worship arena for these incredible people where shoes don't matter, but hearts do. There are already so many stories coming to light, the success of these trips will never be fully measured this side of eternity, of this I am now confident. So now to rest and ready for day three, blessings to all our faithful!


Jake T said...

Psalm 65:8
Those who live at the ends of the earth stand in awe of your wonders. From where the sun rises to where it sets, you inspire shouts of joy.
It seems whether up here in the cold north, or down there in Haiti the Lord we serve creates awe and wonder. We come from a different circumstance and culture but we have God in common. On a soul level we are very anonymous and equal we all need Jesus just the same. I am so encouraged to hear about how the tent construction goes, I know you will be empowered with a special resolve and abilities to get the job done. Blessings and love from the Thomas family!

Anonymous said...

Hi team!
Germaine and I have been having issues commenting our the blog thru our iphones! Go figure :) Know that you've been in our thoughts and prayers! My devotional today talked about Moses and how he pleaded w/God to let him out of his mission. Moses was focusing on his weaknesses. Haiti exposed me at the deepest level, weaknesses and strengths. I'm sure some of you will be challenged the same way I was. But remember God never leaves or forsakes us. He will give us the strength, the right words, help us hold our tounge, whatever it is we need to get thru each moment we are serving Him. Love to you all!

meelee said...

Wishing blessings for the faithful travelers, God's servants, the hands and feet of Jesus. May the tent rise and bring glory to God! May God work through you.
Blessings, Lee

Alisa Gallo said...

Hello all! :) I've wondered today how the tent went! looking forward to hearing about it! One of the FB posts I saw today made me think of Haiti..... God can turn broken peices into Masterpieces! It's so Haiti! There are so many broken pieces.... yet if you look beyond the dirt and poverty.... there are masterpieces.... the Haitian people give a huge smile that can resonate in your soul for years! Believe me.... It's now been over 2 years since I've been in Haiti... but those smiles still resonate in me. I'm glad to hear the womens meeting went well.... Darlene told me Beth, Deloris and Karen all had a special role to play! Wish I could have been there with you Deloris to see you shine! As I know you did! :) Dad I can just see you and Bob working on those benches.... Hope it's all going well! God bless you all for taking this step in Faith and doing God's work today! Dad, you would have been proud of me the last two days at work.... I had my time to shine and show people I DO know what I'm doing and get it done for the office! :) I went to call you to share my day with you today, but of course I could not! :) I look forward to hearing about your visit! I hope your taking lots of pics.... Please give the orphans a hug for me.... I miss them to pieces! :) I love you all and I'm so proud of you all :) Good Night! Alisa :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Haiti Team,
We are THRILLED to hear word that the tent is UP!!! What an amazing day its been...God is so good, and we praise Him for bringing this dream to reality! I'm thankful for the willing hearts who contributed to it, for its safe transport to Haiti and release from the port, and for the many willing hands who tirelessly worked to put it up today. You must be on cloud nine! And just think of all the worship that will take place under it in the future. Our glorious God is so worthy of worship. Doyle, thanks for writing these posts,especially as you carry so many responsibilities and I'm guessing stay up late sometimes to do it--you keep those of us on the home front in the loop! Beth, I just smile thinking of you pouring out love so beautifully upon the orphans, all the children, and the women. :) Stephen, I enjoyed reading your blog post and getting to know you better, and its clear the Lord is doing amazing things through you as you shine your light brightly for Him. Ethan, you are treasured and missed by Michael and me, yet we can't imagine you being anywhere else besides right where you are--in the palm of God's hand, in the center of His will, following His leading. We send lots of love to the whole team across the miles!