Sunday, January 13, 2013


Incredible, marvelous, sensational! So much to write about, so much to say, but I'm not sure I can keep my drooping eyelids propped open long enough to spell out all the goodness. The team was up early and to church around 7:45 this morning. Of course it was Stephen's birthday today, and we had all kinds of special moments for him. One of those moments came at Church when all the congregation sang him 'Happy Birthday' in both English and Creole! Hundreds of Haitian voices in chorus produces amazing harmony! Stephen also spoke at the young people's gathering this evening and did a great job! I ended up speaking at two churches today and it went very well. There has been a little bug that has gone through several of our team. Thank goodness for a doctor on board! He has not seen as many patients from Haiti this trip, but the team seems to keep him plenty busy! Tomorrow is the jaunt up the mountain, then on to DesDunes. It should be an easier day. The concrete work will be launched in the morning! There are several projects that we are still trying to accomplish before we go, so will be pressing hard Tuesday morning. It's rather hard to believe we will be headed home in just two more days, this trip has really gone by quickly. So while my last two posts are short, you must know I have been struggling with my health a bit. Tonight I am better, but very tired. So will rest the keys for now, collect my weary bones and hit the hay! Blessings all.


Anonymous said...

Dear Team, Happy Birthday! S. Sorry for the "bug"-all of you heed the Dr., & we're praying. Ice-glare ice all over this AM. but made it to church with others' help to & fro. Laura lost her mom in AZ; wanted you to know. Doug & Sue leave Fri. of course for their 12 hr. ride. Saw pic of you, Bob, & Neil with Klarissa-Don did fine job from Heb. -Am sure the celebration went fine-but anxious to hear more news when you can write-you've been doing a good job. On Greta tonight was much about Haiti after the quake in 2010 & more info about now-Dear Autumn was on her way today. More later. Thanks-each one for being His & our hands & feet there these few days. His blessing & Presence -His annointing will make all the difference-that's what we've been praying for each of you. Nite-Lots of love & hugs -one especially big one. MDJ

Jake T said...

Sorry to hear some of ya's haven't been feeling to hot, so grateful you have a Dr. along to look after you all!